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  1. I rode it five times ina row, if my hubby wasn't with me I wudda rode it another five times. It's as smooth as butter! I rode in the back too since the train's no longer backwards but I do NOT know where the term JRS is Rusty came from. They must've not ridden it. It's my fave woodie! It's the best woodie there! (ok so there are only two but STILL). It's the ONLY woodie I've ever ridden that's actually worth riding & SMOOOOOTH too.

  2. Speed was all that smooth hitting the turns. It's like an Arrow coaster on the direction changes, jerked me some, but other than that yes it WAS smooth. As far as Desperado, well since the lift is on the roof, there's really nothing scary about it once you go over the top. You can't see directly below you, not really, so it wasn't scary for me in that respect. The direction changes well, that's another story, it hits hard & I thought it was gonna come off the track but that's Arrow for you, well all except of course my beloved Loch Ness which is surprisingly smooth & not jerky for an Arrow, so is Canyon Blaster which I liked very much. It's not jerky at all. Is it an Arrow or Vekoma? Does anyone know?

  3. How do these trips work? I've never been on a trip like this. Can someone give me sorta a run-down? Like do we all meet in one place somewhere to take off together? Then what happens...that sorta thing. I just want to know what to expect. Do we meet at the parks individually? I see mention of us being on a bus together, that's why I'm asking. I really want to participate but don't want to be left wondering what to do or what to expect. Thanx to anyone who replies.


    DogpatchUSA RIP

  4. YES! I luv the loop the loops on Loch Ness. That's my fave coaster. I wanted to ride it when I was a kid but never got to (parents didn't believe in "carnival junk"--that's what they called amusement parks). FINALLY after 20 yrs I got to ride it last yr. I was so happy I cudn't stand it! I know it's not a big mega coaster, it's really a simple coaster but it's the principal of the thing wanting to ride it ya know. Kinda like say "ha ha" to them. (plus I just think it's pretty & a beautiful coaster too, it was just super smooth after all these yrs & very xciting the loop the loops & the LONG tunnel helix--very kewl! ). If it weren't so crowded, I wudda rode it a few more times! *SIGH* maybe this yr...... .


  5. Thanx SharkTums your answer helped a lot. No, I'm not skinny anymore. I had a baby & my skinny body went out tha door! But I still have problems with the harnesses. I fit in the seat no problem at all but I always feel like I'm gonna fall out (hince the death grip). You'd think me gaining weight would help w/the harness holding me in better BUT if there's a seat belt like you say, I might give it a whirl. Thanx again to those who replied!

  6. What I mean by not latching down all the way is....When I pull the harness down, it ratchets down till it clicks no more but there's still "play" in the harness which means I can still move it back & forth a few inches. I know there's a belt that fastens from the outside bottom of the seat area to the outside of the harness but I hafta put a death grip on the harness so it'll hold down against me. I saw on my coaster dvd that on DeJaVu, it LOOKED like the harnesses were snug against the riders. Some riders weren't even holding on as they went backwards up the lift. That's what I'm asking about. Do the harness fit snuggly against the rider like when a lap bar comes down & locks in place then doesn't move? Or is there still "play" in it? Does the ride(s) have seat belts that belt around my waist to hold me in the seat or is the belt you refer to just the safety belt on the outside that fastens the harness to the seat? Thanx for your input. I appreciate it.

  7. Oh I forgot my #1 most scary ride of all time? The Big Shot on the Stratosphere Tower. I don't think it wudda been AS bad if the harness had handles to hold onto. We came down so that our behinds came off the seats, add that to a harness w/no handles that don't even latch down all the way & THAT's freakin' scary! I had NOTHING to hold onto! I see that they've added 2 new rides since then. I can't believe ppl actually ride those things! (I rode the coaster up there too but wasn't nothing bad for me ).

  8. I was gonna say Superman Krypton Coaster so far. My first floorless coaster. It looked pretty tame compared to Medusa but don't let it fool U. It was FAST & furious! It had so many flippy-doos I didn't know which end was up. Seemed like we were always flipping one way or another. I really didn't like the 'SuperLoop' type rides either but since we were "fenced in" above our heads it wasn't so bad but those rides that have inverted seats that swing bk & forth til finally they swing over around & around. THEY scare me. I didn't like the fact that the restraints didn't clamp down on me so I would slide forward in my seat when the thing would go backwards. I don't like any steel coaster with only lap bars (xceptions are wild mouse types that don't really do anything). I realize the g-forces will hold me in but my fear of heights tells me "I just don't know about this after all" when climbing that lift hill. I dunno if I can ride the Mega coasters they all have lap bars. I missed out on Apollo's Chariot coz of those crazy looking restraints. I'm sure they wk just fine but I dunno.....how tight are they really? I became afraid of height due to those swings that used to be in most parks. The REALLY REALLY REALLY TALL SWINGS. Not the one's like at the fair that looks like a spinning top but the ones that look like 100ft tall. I wudda been ok if I hadn't looked over & saw we were flying above the tree tops plus the ride was on a hill side which didn't help. I've been trying to overcome my fear by keep riding coaster. I finally made progress, I can now keep my eyes open 99% of the time.

  9. I've never ridden it coz I thought since it's an inverted coaster, the harnessess were like other inverted coasters--they don't latch down all the way. Is this true for DeJaVu or do they latch down hard against you so you won't fall out? To me it would make sense for safety. How about V2? (Vertical Velocity) how are the harnesses on that one? Do they latch down against you for that 90 degree thing?

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