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  1. I was at the park this same exact day! Its a shame you weren't there for closing, because the nightime/sunset rides at this park have been spectacular this year, with the smoke from the fires and the such. This particular day was pretty dang good crowd wise. I go to the park quite often and have had empty days and days where I wanted to leave. This day was perfect, although I spent 4 hours at Lagoon-A-Beach. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip, hopefully you'll be able to make it back someday. It is true, Lagoon does need to take it up to the next level, however they have been getting c
  2. Another update for those who... well, care. Wicked's Track is 100% complete and it looks great. The pull through is expected to be done before the end of the week, and training/test runs should be following suit soon after. If you haven't seen any of the pics, you can go to http://www.lagoonisfun.com/forum/index.php?topic=1521.0 or http://www.lagoonisfun.com/forum/index.php?topic=1516.0 to see the two latest updates. Should be a great ride, and definately a great step in the right direction for Lagoon.
  3. Just a quick FYI for anyone who cares... Wicked's tower was topped off today. The track has not yet been installed on the tower, but the tower is now fully up. Its looking like a June opening date. Pictures will be posted later tonight on the LagoonisFun Forums.
  4. Lagoon has updated their official website with pictures of the newly arrived cars. I'm a bit confused at the lack of a front railing to keep stupid people from walking off though... www.lagoonpark.com (goto the "What's New" page)
  5. The best corn on the cob and BBQ ribs - The little eatery next to the Log Flume inside Pioneer Village at Lagoon Park in Utah. Hands Down.
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