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  1. I'm still thinking of Saddam and the Devil on South park.... Yes, his death is a milestone for the war. it just goes to show that if we hang on just a little bit longer, we could totally get them on Democracy. With the U.S. and the Iraqis, freedom is just a short battle away.
  2. If you could translate it for us that would be nice, but i take it that it was a bomb? EDIT: Sorry, thanks for pointing it out !
  3. Give your child a one letter name like... Z X B Y and so on
  4. No. you might be allergic Is cactus juice avaliable in the locol mom & pop store?
  5. ^Has obvious problems with Stuffed Animals \/ Loves the sound of monkeys in the morning
  6. ^Well, that might be a little to cruel...Haha I was thinking more along the lines of dragging him behind a Donkey, while singing God Bless America... but your idea might work
  8. Only commercials were on last night. (bits of dreams)
  9. Hey, your glasses could always pull a Final Destination 3 on you and get caught on the track, and send everyone flying to their deaths... Just a thought... probably would never happen, but you should be careful.
  10. And so marks another sad day in American history... Yeah, it is pretty sad.
  11. I would toatally love to live in that house right beside it EDIT: I didn't know you allready said that! Haha!
  12. I'm at a steady 70 degrees... WHERE'S MY HURRICANE?!
  13. HA, you posted it. Pretty good I guess. Much smaller then I thought it would've been but it's still good.
  14. I'm asking where are you posting at right now? Wether it be the House, School, Work, or the Meat Factory tell us where you are posting from! Ok so to start it off, I'm at my house on the "family" computer.
  15. You should add the FlippyTrick09 (Mitchell) Diet.... Now, I'm not sure what kind of diet it is, but It concists of Doritos, Mt. Dews, Chicken, and French Fries.... or anything else you can think of, those are just the basics.... You should toatally think about it
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