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  1. Just be glad you don't look like this... untitled.bmp Brian Peppers, a registered Sex Offender.
  2. I used to work as a lifeguard for 2 years at Six Flags White Water, so i've saved quite a few lives. Parents are just stupid, and send kids down on slides who can't even swim. The worst is the adults and teens who can't swim, and you need to jump in for them. Seriously, who goes to a waterpark and can't swim. I've never had to do anything though other then jump in after someone.
  3. Looks like they will be at the Superbowl pregame show... http://www.superbowl.com/news/story/9918326
  4. I saw Corteo a few days ago, and I recommend going to see it. It was very good. We had the cheap seats, and you still had a fairly good view, although not the best. All the acts were good, but I think my favorite was the trapeze artists, and the bouncing beds.
  5. Anyone get the Wii yesterday? I was lucky enough to get one. The Toys R Us had over 100 of them. I woke up at 6:30 and went, and when I got there, there was a HUGE line of cars. People thought they were going to put the tickets on the cars, and use that as a line. When 8:00 came around, they ended up not doing that. Alot of people decided to sit in the cars, so they missed out. I was lucky to get one, I was 80 in line. And I also managed to get a wiimote, since someone was paying for it, and they decided they didn't want it anymore, so I got it. I am glad I got one, since it was spur of the moment to go try, and I didn't even know about the shipment until the night before from someone else.
  6. I heard that beetles soundtrack, and I really liked it. It had a more modern sound. I heard though the production is more of a show with dancing, then like a real acrobatic one (although they still have alot of it). I drove by Atlantic Station, and everything is all set up. It is HUGE. I can't wait to see it in a few weeks.
  7. What exactly is La Reve? I saw a video of it, and it looks really good, and is alot like the "O" show. Has anyone seen it? I think I am going to try and save up for a trip to Vegas, but I already have a trip to Hawaii next summer, so it will be hard.
  8. Corteo and Varekai are showing on the Bravo channel tonight starting at 8:00. I don't really want to see it, and would rather be surprised.
  9. Lance does a pretty good job at tracking the goings on in Vegas over at Screamscape. He's not mentioned anything of the sort. He does have some good links on the Vegas page if you want to poke around and investigate, though. Take a look at this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cirque_du_soleil at future productions. "In a 2006 survey sent to select Cirque Club members, drawings were shown for a potential Cirque themed or inspired hotel"
  10. So who like Cirque Du Soleil? I've seen Varekai (a traveling show) and am going to see Corteo in December when it comes to Atlanta. Anyone see any of there shows? I'd like to see all the Vegas ones, and the one at Disney.
  11. Well we ended up deciding to go to Lucerne instead. They have a huge mountain called Mount Titlis that is susposed to have summer skiing and everything. I think they have Summer snow tubing, and if that is open, I want to try that depending on the cost. We are staying in Pension Villla Maria (if anyone ever stayed there). This is Mount titlis: http://www.titlis.ch/001tit_00_en.htm
  12. Sorry for all these posts, but we changed our Europa Park hotel to Gasthof zum alten Rathaus. Have you heard of it? The person I contacted said it is a 2 minute walk to the amusement park, so that was a huge plus for the hotel. And they offered to pick us up at the train station if we knew when it got in.
  13. I thought I would post all the hotels incase anyone has stayed at any of them. Zermatt- Aparthotel Monte Rose Geneva- Auberge De Jeunesse Geneva Youth Hostel Paris- Holiday Inn Republique Disneyland Paris- Holiday Inn Brussels- Auberge De Jeunesse Jacques Brel Youth Hostel Amsterdam- Hotel de Westertoren Cologne- Hotel Im Kupferkessel Strasbourg- Ciarus Hostel Europa Park- Hotel Heckenrose Munich- Intercity Hotel Innsbruck- Hotel Tauter Mann Meran- Pension Sonnenheim Sanuan- panorama-samnaun
  14. Thanks for your help. I will be in Disneyland late June. The places Meran, Innsbruck, and Samnaun were my relavies idea, because they will be going with us, but traveling by car. They are not young, so it would be hard for them to be doing a whole lot of driving in one day. For Strasbourg, we were thinking of going into the areas around there, we will have a Eurail pass. But for the Europa Park hotel, I dont believe we have paid for it, so if I need to change it, I can. Our price range is 80 Euros and under. I saw the train station has a shuttle to Europa Park, so that is why I chose it. I will defenately check into some of the places for day trips, if the towns we are in get to boring. June 21- Leave June 22- Arrive June 23- Leave for Zermatt June 24- Zermatt June 25- Leave for Geneva June 26- Geneva June 27- Leave for Paris June 28- Leave for Disneyland Paris June 29- Disneyland Paris June 30- Leave for Brussels July 1- Brussels July 2- Leave for Amsterdam July 3- Amsterdam July 4- Amsterdam n July 5- Cologne July 6- Leave for Strasbourg July 7- Strasbourg July 8- Europa Park July 9- Leave for Munich July 10- Munich July 11- Leave for Innsbruck July 12- Innsbruck July 13- Meran July 14- Leave for Sanuan -July 15- Samnaun July 16- Samnaun July 17- St. Gallen July 18- St. Gallen July 19- Leave to go home
  15. Hello, I am from the United States (Georgia). And this is my first time out of the country, so I am looking at a wide variety of things to do. I will be traveling with my brother, and will be staying part of the time with relatives in Switzerland. We will be traveling with them to Zermatt, Meran, and Samnaun with them, so that is why we are traveling there. But we are on vacation, and not on a low budget, but not on an expensive one either. But we already have hotels booked, and everything ready to go. In Munich we are staying at the Intercity Hotel, so if you have any info it would be helpful. Also a few other ones are the Holiday in Paris Republique, and the Holiday Inn Disneyland Paris. In Europa Park, is Hotel Heckenrose, so if anyone stayed here, how far is it from the park? BTW, We tried to get tickets to the World Cup, but couldn't get tickets. And why in Samnaun and Meran exotic? Thanks for the help
  16. Hello, I am going to europe for 1 month, and will be going to 2 amusement parks. I will be going to Disneyland Paris, and Europa park. I am not sure if I should get the 2 park 1 day hopper pass for disneyland. I will be there for 2 nights, and dont know if I can do everything in 1 day. And I also need some tips on Europa Park. How is crowds in late June/Early July? Disneyland will be on a weekday, Europa Park will be on a Sat in early July. Here is my schedule, if anyone has tips here for any of these cities, not even including amusement parks. Just things to do, places to eat, etc. Zurich (Switzerland) Matterhorn (Switzerland) Geneva (Switzerland) Paris (France) Disneyland Paris (France) Brussels (Belgium) Amsterdam (Netherlands) Cologne (Germany) Strasbourg (France) Europa Park Munich (Germany) Innsbruck (Austria) Meran (Italy) Samnaun (Switzerland)
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