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  1. I was disappointed not to be able to ride KMG's big new Mission Space this year at the Bonn Pützchensmarkt because it apparently didn't get TüV (German safety authority) approval! Hopefully these new rides will be a little more TüV - friendly and will appear at some of the big German fairs as well as the big Dutch fairs.
  2. ^ Spreepark doesn't really count I guess Sorry I missed this report when you posted it - great pictures! Berlin is such a wonderful city. The lifts in the building I'm currently working in make the same 'gong' sound as the Berlin buses do, which is strangely comforting!
  3. ^ We loved the trains on Twister at Gröna Lund... in fact we just plain loved Twister... and Gröna Lund.
  4. It will be interesting to see TüV's reaction (the notoriously strict German safety authority) to fire effects on this wooden coaster... Although the fact that GCI / Magic Mountain already made it work probably helps!
  5. ^ Ha ha! So the RingRacer lives on... The local authorities are maybe being extra careful about the ride given all that has happened. I wonder if it will open some day!
  6. Those pictures of the aeroplane wing tunnel are very impressive! The virtual splashdown effect looks interesting too. Looks like they're doing a great job with the themeing on this new ride!
  7. What a fantastic construction tour - thanks for posting this Jason and Andrew! I love the retina-burning bright turquoise track colour!
  8. This article was in the Guardian newspaper in the UK today: guardian.co.uk article This article was on the BBC website too: bbc.co.uk/news article The project has received £3.7m in government funding, £4m funding from Thanet district council and now a grant of £3m from the Heritage Lottery Fund, and should open in the summer of 2013. ADMIN EDIT: I went ahead and quoted the Guardian's article so people wouldn't have to jump to see it.
  9. Wow - what an in-depth report!! Thanks for taking the time to put this together, Holger - you got some great photos and videos!
  10. More info here: http://www.europapark.com/kundenbereich/park/4dfilm/index.html Eurofant's name is excellent.
  11. "For over 500 years there has been a secret lurking deep beneath Castle Balthasar at Europa Park" It's a new 4D attraction featuring EuroMaus ( = "Euro-Mouse", the mascot of the park ) and his friends, coming to Europa Park from 26th November at the Magic Cinema for the Winter opening of the park.
  12. Great pictures! Looks like you have a fun month ahead...
  13. It's like an Italian 'River Quest'! Great report! Looks like you all had a brilliant time!
  14. Great report, Hans! Wow - what a long line for Goliath, but a reserved back row certainly helps! Glad to see that you documented the food - this is, of course, very important! Fijne Halloween! Dank je wel!
  15. ^ The restraints on these new trains are slightly unusual in that they kind-of restrain your stomach! My tip: don't accidentally pull it too tight!
  16. Part 8 : Hansa Park This was my first visit and Hansa Park quickly became one of my favourite parks in Germany! Fluch von Novgorod must surely be Germany's second best coaster (after GeForce!) - the themeing was incredible, the outdoor section was really intense, and the indoor segment was also amazing! Morgan and I had an excellent time! Welcome to Hansa Park! Nessie Superrollercoaster - there was some excellent airtime on the drops when sat at the back! Plus we managed to ride the loop whilst Crazy Mine travelled through it! Crazy Mine Fluch von Novgorod and some of the park's landscaping It was my first visit to the North Coast of Germany - nice to see the sea from an otherwise land-locked country!
  17. Part 7 : Heide Park You'll have to forgive my lack of photos for Heide Park - it was a really fun day and great to see Peter and Janine! We liked Krake - although it did seem like maybe it was missing one final element to complete the ride... Unfortunately Colossos wasn't running so well. Krake
  18. Part 6 : Bonn to Hamburg Join me as I travel from Bonn to Hannover on the ICE, and then Hannover to Hamburg on another ICE! Bonn Hauptbahnhof Crossing the Rhein in Köln Hannover Hauptbahnhof Time to explore Hannover briefly Can anyone spot anything unusual in this picture? Almost there now... Here's Hamburg's harbour. I've arrived! Time to explore the harbour at Landungsbrücken. The tunnel that runs under the Elbe river from Landungsbrücken.
  19. Part 5 : Pützchens Markt : Pictures of some of the other attractions This was excellent - a slightly confrontational plant auction! Meine Arme sind zu kurz! No trip to Germany is complete without Bernd!
  20. Part 4 : Pützchens Markt : Mission Space... Ah - except Mission Space didn't receive TüV approval... so at the last minute they replaced it with a Starflyer instead.
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