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  1. Kulturpark has, in the last few minutes, received enough funding on Kickstarter to go ahead! Hopefully this is a new beginning for Spreepark!
  2. Great update Big Mike - looking forward to seeing the rest from your recent trip! And well done Brian!!
  3. Expedition GeForce varies wildly depending on the weather - the most amazing rides are generally delivered during the summer on a hot, sunny, wind-less day... It is often reported not to be running so well at the start of the season. If you're ever nearby when it's 21 degrees C plus, don't let your first experience put you off from a re-visit!
  4. Thanks for the great pictures! Brilliant that they are doing official tours now, and even better that they're bringing the park back to life in the summer after so many years - I've backed the kickstarter project (thanks for the link!).
  5. Definitely looking forward to the next installments of your report!
  6. All of those parks can be reached via public transport, yet if you can drive then you may find that easier logistically - it would certainly give you more flexibility on hotels and where to store luggage etc. That said, here are the public transport links: Heide Park : bus from Hamburg ZOB Phantasialand : bus from Brühl station Holiday Park : bus from Haßloch (Pfalz) station Europa Park : bus from Ringsheim station All of the parks can be entered as destinations on the Deutsche Bahn website. Also don't forget Hansa Park : bus from Hamburg ZOB These parks are in a straight line north-south pretty much, so ideally you'd start at one end and travel to the other to avoid doubling back on yourself, whether by car or train. Plus by car you could even stop off at some smaller parks on the way - e.g. Go via Metz and hit Wallygator for a couple of hours, or hit Movie Park Germany on the way to/from Hamburg. If you time it right you could even hit Olympia Looping / Alpina Bahn / Teststrecke / Höllenblitz at a fair...
  7. Hey - well done Jon - I was out and about when the Wild Card game was posted so could only try a few pages to guess on my phone!
  8. Great photos Hanno - from some unique angles! Looking forward to checking out Wodan!
  9. Big Mike - great Oktoberfest report! Looking forward to the mystery wild card game!
  10. I'm perhaps in the minority - but I liked Swarm. It's all about the front seat on the far right, or the back seat on the far right for me... I loved the unique first drop and the unique (for me) 'tumbling around the track' feeling on the zero G roll. I'm looking forward to riding it again.
  11. Please lock me in for 3 duckies - for the final time this ducky-finding season!
  12. You'll be able to reach Thorpe Park easily from London (as well as Chessington if you wanted) - there's an easy train / shuttle bus combo from London Waterloo (or Clapham Junction) to Staines and then on to the park for Thorpe Park, and you can similarly travel from London Waterloo (or Clapham Junction) to Chessington South which is a short walk away from Chessington. For Alton Towers, take a look at the details here (and possibly also dotted around in other places on the forum) : TPR Thread
  13. Ahh - Happy Birthday Lucky Dog! Also good luck to all the tactical Ducky guessers! Ha ha
  14. Missed the Jellies and Shark duckies, but is the Budweiser one definitely a duck? I'm not so sure... But then again I only guessed 4!!
  15. Interesting news on the possible expansion - Liseberg as it is now is great, just imagine if there was even more greatness!!
  16. I love how they've themed the rides so heavily - looks like a great park! Will return soon with a ducky guess!
  17. ^ Congratulations Brian - we've now joined Jeff with 4 wins... The race is on! Ha ha
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