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  1. Hi, Does anyone know when Klaus Schutzmannsky's book "Roller Coaster: The Roller Coaster Designer Werner Stengel" (ISBN 3933257395) is released either in the USA or the UK? Amazon.co.uk says it comes out imminently, although the bookshops I've spoken to don't have any listings other than it may be out at some point in October, but only in the USA. This relates to the English version - I think a German version may already have been released but is now unavailable. All the best, Robin
  2. Having travelled out to Germany a few weeks ago purely to ride Expedition Ge Force, I wasn't disappointed! My first ride at the start of the day was amazing, but by the time the ride had warmed up for my last ride at the end of the day it was insane!!! I can't believe I left it so long before making a trip out there!
  3. Absolutely! I just found the restraints to be really horribly designed (to ensure maximum pain factor)! What's that inward-facing 'lump' into your ribcage all about? On my first ride, I was near the front which didn't seem too bad. But on the second, I was near the back. At the sudden stop on the spike above the station at the end of the ride, I lurched forward and it felt like I had broken a rib! (I hadn't). Robin
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