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  1. Eh, not necessarily. But I do believe we arent being told everything. From an engineering standpoint, you design a building to withstand a plane crash. There is no way one plane can take down a 110 story building. There is way to much more on how I believe that Osama had nothing to do with 9/11. I still see no hard evidence. The video of "Osama" saying that he did it clearly wasn't Osama. We know the 'terrorists' that were on the planes are still alive. After I lost two friends in the towers, I became more intrigued with the matter. Here is just my viewpoint on this subject: I believe that Osama has been dead for awhile now. Probably years. But now, with the succeeding events of Obama releasing his birth certificate, rebutting statements from Donald Trump, and announcing his reelection campaign; This would be an opportune time to announce the death of Osama. Thanks. I have my father in the Air Force, brothers in the Marines, grandfather in the army, five best friends in the Navy, and I am debating on enrolling into the Coast Guard reserve. I've lived with military my entire life. When in the military, you know better than anything that the government hides information very well. There is stuff out there I will never know, you will never know, and most people in the world will never know. And if some of that information were to get out? Expect a knock on your door and a treason charge. Back on topic: Have ANY pictures or video come out of the body????
  2. The one picture I have seen has been out for awhile and has been reported fake according to this website: http://newsnet7.wordpress.com/2011/05/02/usama-bin-laden-dead-body-pictures-are-fake-caution-graphic-photos/ EDIT: Maybe a more reputable source here: CLICK MEEEE
  3. So this means the war is over right? Hmm. I guess I still cant believe that Osama and 9/11 are related. No hard evidence as of yet. I will believe his death once I see pictures. We all know the government is great at covering stuff up. We saw Saddam Hussein's death virally, then we saw his body in the morgue virally too. I support Obama, but now after he has announced his campaign for reelection Osama comes out as dead and the birth certificate? He could have been dead for years and Obama could be pulling this card now for a push for reelection. Who knows...
  4. I cant wait for the royal divorce!
  5. Very interesting layout! Even though it was short, it was sweet with the elements. It would of been pretty cool with some more bunny hops or right turn helixes rather than just the left ones. It has huge potential to be awesome!
  6. The Healthy Part: Bah, True Mass is such a ripoff. You're paying for the shiny label and the BSN name. There are a ton of other supplements that work much better for cheaper! The Unhealthy Part: Looks damn good. Would still prefer to have brownies over cake any day!
  7. The park got the green light! http://www.ktnv.com/story/14175791/amusement-park-to-bring-fun-and-games-to-las-vegas-strip
  8. So who is gona get put in charge of our group so we can start sending apology letters and schedule their therapy now?
  9. I'm interested! I think both parks would be awesome! Would lodging be included?
  10. Your palms start getting clammy, your adrenaline is pumping from seeing the towering rides in the distance, you're so ready to get out of the car and get onto those rides. You're now taking the exit to the park, almost there. And before you know it, BOOM! "Welcome to your destination, now pay us $20 before you pay the $45 to get in." Then your stomach drops and the adrenaline is gone because you they only accept cash and you have none. Lets all try and avoid this... What are some parks charging now to park? Some websites don't even post a parking price! What's the most you've had to pay? If you post it here, I'll update this first post to have a list of that dreaded fee. Alabama Adventure - $8 Beech Bend - FREE! Busch Gardens Tampa - $13 Busch Gardens Williamsburg - $12 Reg. $18 Premium. California's Great America - $12 Reg. $15 Premium. Canada's Wonderland - $10 Canobie Lake - FREE! Cedar Point - $10 Cliff's Amusement Park - FREE! Disneyland Resort - $15 Dollywood - $8 Dorney Park - $12 Dutch Wonderland - FREE! Hersheypark - $10 Holiday World - FREE! Indiana Beach - FREE! Kemah Boardwalk - FREE! Kennywood - FREE! Kings Dominion - $10 Kings Island - $10 Reg. $15 Premium. Knoebels - FREE! Knotts Berry Farm - $12 La Ronde - $15 Reg. $25 Premium. $20 Fireworks View Lake Compounce - $7 Lake Winnie - FREE! Lakeside Amusement Park - FREE! Michigan's Adventure - $8 Mount Olympus - $5 Nickelodeon Universe - FREE! Quassy - $5 weekdays/$6 weekends Rye Playland - $5 weekdays/$7 weekends SeaBreeze - FREE! Silver Dollar City - FREE! Silverwood - $4 Six Flags America - $15 Six Flags Discovery Kingdom - $15 Six Flags Fiesta Texas - $15 Six Flags Great Adventure - $15 Reg. $25 Premium. Six Flags Great America - $20 Six Flags Magic Mountain - $15 Six Flags New England - $15 Reg. $25 Premium Six Flags Over Georgia - $15 Reg. $20 Premium Six Flags Over Texas - $15 Reg. $20 Premium. $30 Valet. Six Flags St. Louis - $15 Reg. $20 Premium Storybook Land - FREE! Universal Studios: Orlando - $15 Reg. $20 Premium Valleyfair - $10 Waldameer - FREE! Walt Disney World - $14 Wild Adventures - $10
  11. I've been in Las Vegas two years now, and most everyone misses Wet n' Wild. Personally, I believe that Las Vegas would benefit more from a waterpark than an amusement park. IF this amusement park were to be built, Id like to see high-thrill rides...which would be tough with the airport and the church right there. At least the old Luxor employee parking lot would get some love =/
  12. New amusement park for the strip? Hmmm... http://m.8newsnow.com/wap/news/text.jsp?sid=15&nid=39196864&cid=5&scid=-1&ith=2&title=News Meetings start in march for a proposed amusement park near Mandalay Bay. Not many details at this point.
  13. I do agree Hard Rock has one of the strangest layouts, but since the towers and expansion opening it seems better. Pink Taco is something EVERYBODY must go to! Nobu too. I've never had a problem with HRH employees. Some do look like the belong at a Blink-182 concert, but that's suppose to be the feel of the hotel. If I get a chance next week ill try and do a photo trip report of the new towers and expansion. Until then, you can check out the penthouse at hardrock at www.vegastripping.com. under features it will have a photo tour of the room, even the bathtub that turns water gold! http://www.vegastripping.com/features/feature.php?feature_id=207&page=1
  14. Rehab is rumored to have Tiesto as resident DJ...
  15. How many times have you been to Hard Rock? Have you been to Hard Rock more than once? That's a very strong statement to say - that it's the most disappoint casino - I would hate to hear what you have to say about Imperial Palace or Casino Royal. I use to live across the street for a year, only saw it under normal capacity in the casino....once. Maybe twice. I dont think people here realize that hotels that are just off the strip (Hard Rock, Palms, Rio, and even places like Wyndham, Rumor, Marriot) are all at the same occupancy as hotels on the strip. If Aria has 75% occupancy, Hard Rock may be around 74%. I have not heard anything about Hard Rock being in financial trouble. After all, they just opened up their spa, Rehab starts in less than 2 months, Real World is just wrapping up filming and will bring in tons of business for the hotel. Hard Rock Hotels as a brand, maybe... Few things about Rio. Rio has been picking up a lot recently with their nightclubs. Crown nightclub is becoming a premier spot to been seen. Same for VooDoo Lounge. The advertising that's getting pumped out is loading up radio frequencies. Personally, I did not like Rio's seafood buffet. I've been twice and it just seems like everything was sitting out for so long - nasty. Here is my personal ratings for buffets: 1) M Resort - $20 for awesome service, awesome food made fresh in front of you. Even sushi! You get a buffet pass when you see the Tila Martini cooking show too. 2) Aria - Beautiful everywhere you look. 3) Flamingo - I went for breakfast/brunch. 4) Harrahs - Last time I went to Flavors was a few years ago, a lot of selection. Ive been hearing recently it's been going down... 5) Rio - See above 6) MGM Grand - really did not have a good experience here. With employees and with the food. Also, remember whats ever in the buffet is also going down into the employee dining room! (EDR). For best EDR's I've heard Wynn and Palazzo/Venetian.
  16. I am an organ donor, always will be. But what about a willed body program??? Giving your corpse to science or research? This could involve strapping on a newly designed bullet-proof vest to make sure it works before put in combat, use for students at a plastic surgery school, car crash studies, and much more. Personally, Id give my body up for it. A cadaver is about $500 for a university while other technologies can get up to $5000. Weither Im being shot at or dissected, Im going to be looking the same after about a year anyways!
  17. Right now I am reading the book "Stiff" by Mary Roach. It's an awesome book! The subtitle is, "the curious life of human cadavers". It goes in depth on what cadavers are used for including science, car crashes, surgeries, and much more. (I HIGHLY recommend the book) In the book, there is a section on organ dotation and willed body programs. To me, I thought pretty much everyone always agreed to be an organ donor or apart of a willed body program, yet Roach's encounters say otherwise. She states that only about 52% of people agree to be organ donors at the DMV. And even less for willed body programs. So are you an organ donor or apart of a willed body program???
  18. When you live in Vegas, Cirque is just down the road, but you hardly ever get a chance to see it. Ive see La Nouba, Ka at MGM Grand, Mystere at TI, Zumanity at New York New York, and Delirium. My favorite so far has been Ka. Just by the technical aspect of how the stage moves and the sheer size of the show! It's always good to make friends in Vegas, who knows, they may be a performer in a Cirque show!
  19. I think my mom goes to those meetings every week! Logs down her points and goes in to the Whale War store and gets weighted or something.
  20. Im not getting my hopes up to high. Wildcat at Hershey was still rough. Gwazi isn't going to be turning into a B&M. Ha.
  21. My restraint popped open on Blue Streak at Cedar Point. We were sitting towards the back of the train, both restraints were checked by the crew. I guess on the lift hill my restraint and the guy sitting next to me came unlocked somehow and we didn't notice. The first drop is when we both noticed the orange bars were completely up! At the bottom of the first drop they slammed back down and stayed down the rest of the ride. I guess the ride ops noticed and the ride closed down for a bit.
  22. I did the sky jump off of Stratosphere last week. Only 3 words... SAVE. YOUR. MONEY. It takes 12 seconds to fall...a true free-fall would be 9 seconds. So you're basically going a few mph faster than the elevator. For guys, it really hurts your man bits with the harness! Im just glad I got the locals discount of 2 jumpers for $50!
  23. Very cool article. What type of chlorine/filters do you use? At my old waterpark we used highrate sand filters with a series of UV lamps. We also used Sodium Di-Chlor.
  24. ^ Yeah, just trying to get you some more downloads! The track was awesome, man! The low clearance from the ground made the ride have really good pacing and exciting elements. Even some nice airtime going over the station. The inversions/elements are unique and that's really cool how you did it. Supports looked like they took a loooong time. Keep it up man! Can't wait to see more of your work!
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