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  1. Heard this a few days ago on the radio: There's no nudity and no cussing. It is completely PG-13. Im sure there is at least one person here that is into this: http://youtu.be/SvGeLGeFrrU Just remember; when you're walking through the swamp in your high heels, watch you step.
  2. As a lifeguard that use to work on a slide complex: The saying "Lay flat, cross your arms, cross your legs." just gets engraved into your head. It becomes as normal as breathing. Can someone get Shane in on this thread!?
  3. Looks good, man! Any possible theme? Running 5 trains without stacking would be awesome! You should release your other Intamin Blitz NL coaster too! I would love to see it unfinished too.
  4. This may be true. When I worked at a waterpark we had White Water West slides - we told our guests to cross their arms across their chest. Going threw the companies website: http://www.whitewaterwest.com they have a few pictures of riders with arms behind their head. Like this one under "speed slides" gallery. Same company, different park.
  5. I love waterparks. Would spend all day at one if we had one here in Las Vegas. With the announcements being made of Six Flags St. Louis' and Great Adventures new slide complex - it brings me to a question I have always wondered....Why do some waterparks make a rider cross their arms while some have you put hands behind your head? What does your local waterpark do? I always thought it would be a manufacture rule, but was not sure. Behind? Across the chest?
  6. Tickets bought! Myself plus one! Going to be an amazing time! Any Club TPR perks with this event?
  7. There was one on CoasterSims before it closed that a guy worked on for 2 years - environment and everything - was the most impressive work I have seen done in NL. Ill see if I can find his youtube video
  8. Are you using mac or PC? To me, it looks like the track extractor/packager no longer works on macs with Lion.
  9. I'll be off that day - if I can fight the Vegas to LA traffic on a Friday night, it shouldn't be a problem!
  10. The professional version is only available to companies - not for download. Would like to see this released, haven't found a decent LSM lift/Maverick coaster out yet! Still lookin good!
  11. I think one reason for Elitches being so close to downtown Denver is its accessibility. There is a large population in Denver that don't have cars or do not drive. And if people do have cars, they don't drive to often. Denver is very much a biking town, hell the river is right next to Elitches, bikers are on that all day. It may be the only spot for some sort of steady flow of guests sadly. Elitches has a light rail stop, next to the river trails, off of Speer Blvd (one of the busiest streets in Denver), and has 3 major stadiums with in walking distance. It's a prime location, however, maybe not for an amusement park.
  12. We went today and they were loading two cars at the same time, you'll be happy to know there were no stops at the block brake, you just slow down a bit but the cars no longer come to a complete stop up there. That made for a more thrilling ride since the brake makes your car rock right before you head into the next drop. That sounds awesome they can load both cars - however I think it may be the crew working that shift who decides to do it. Have any videos? Would like to see if it is more efficient. There may be a reason for this, system reset or sensor problems, but who knows. I took a picture and uploaded it to TPR a few years ago of the Twister II station - I guess in the picture an employee was on their cell phone. Someone from Elitch Gardens saw the photo (even got uploaded to RCDB) and the employee received 'corrective action'...or so I was told. PIC: http://rcdb.com/210.htm?p=16231 I feel like as enthusiasts, we are part of the Q.A. process to some of these parks. As long as we are respectable and understanding, it may be up to us to 'clean' up the parks as well. =/
  13. ^ Go up the exit stairs as a single rider, will save you from a two hour wait. I really, really, really wish the park gets Green Lantern's boarding process down easier. Do you think that doing grouping (getting groups of 4 or so together) would work at the merge with Flash Pass? How does Insane board? I do feel like two cars can be boarded at one, to avoid the waiting on the block break. Some trains wait up to a minute long! That is a long time if you are stuck up in the sun - really sucks.
  14. Deja Vu was closed all day on Thursday - a few rumors floating around that it is leaving. Has anyone notice if it has reopened? The entire area was gated up with 2 employees directing guests elsewhere. No activity though from trucks or construction crews.
  15. However Water World still had most everything installed - only needed to put in a few pumps here and there with some new paint. Las Vegas really is a perfect market for a water park. Put it just south of the strip, get it sponsored by a hotel, that way it can have shuttle service/package deals for the park and hotel. A water park here has endless capabilities, but starting off small does seem to be a smart choice now.
  16. Saw this on the news yesterday: http://www.8newsnow.com/story/15219580/new-waterpark-in-the-works-for-las-vegas I dont get it. Ground breaking in a few months, and opening up an entire water park before memorial day???? Little far fetched much? The area the park is proposed at is a dirty plot, not even fences or construction crews on site. Lets see now long this one will last...
  17. Here is the note that hangs on Sahara now, written by Sam Nazarian himself. It does suck that Speed closed, but $10 a ride...that only launched once every 15 minutes was ridiculous. I would see people on the loading platform with all day passes and be pissed off they spent $25 for it, and can only get in 3 rides an hour (if they're lucky.) In other news, Manhattan Express has had full trains every time I drive by! I drive by about twice a day and every train I see is full! Good for them!
  18. It looks awesome! Can't wait for a download. Are you planning on doing any scenery or 3D's?
  19. With the longest line only being 20 mins, seems like crowds are slipping. Need a better marketing campaign!
  20. If you are still having problems with the speed, try messing around with the friction. I know there is an option in the game to turn on/off 'improved' friction.
  21. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/05/03/christiane-amanpour-osama-bin-laden-bill-maher_n_857026.html An interesting link, back in 2008 this lady made a comment on where Osama was, pretty interesting!
  22. The Government has evidence, whether they want to or should release it is another matter. I dont mean just government sanctioned, but from anyone. Like the video of Saddam's hanging or his autopsy.
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