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  1. I am really enjoying your park so far! The foliage really helps ties the park together. Personally, the 'real sky' adds so much beauty into your pictures!!! How long does it take you to edit them?
  2. You posted 4x in a row. This has gone way to far. I understand you want to show us your park and you are proud of what you have built, but you need to cool the jets a bit. As said before, quality > quantity. You're giving no quality, just quantity and hoping that other people (or your other profiles) comment on them. Try this - look at a park that your really like - for me, I liked ShyGuy's Parks, I looked at how he did his updates and the QUALITY of his posts. When ShyGuy would post once a week, maybe once a month, everyone would go crazy! Here, we have nothing. I think you need to take some time and look at parks who you enjoy, or inspire you, and see how they post/provide updates.
  3. Personally, I really enjoyed this coaster. I thought it was a fun family ride that helped tied the park together nested in the corner across from the children's area. Although the theme did not fit and could be executed better - I hope another larger family ride could take its place. The removal will open up a lot more space, however, I believe storage utilization of the area may remain. Disaster Transport was nice to add in a ride where guests could not see they were actually flying around in a storage area (looking at Google maps).
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7HqRcK_hj0 Love the SeaWorld parks, but should they really start considering ending these shows?
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JV10UCO4X4 Start at 4:08. Not quite a POV, but still some good video.
  6. I have always felt that Wildcat was misplaced and just did not 'flow' with the park. This is a great opportunity for the park to improve! Im excited to see where this will go!
  7. Good find! That corner of Harmon and Las Vegas Blvd is a developing place with the expansion of the Miracle Mile shops, The Cosmopolitan, and the future demolition of The Harmon. I really hope this does well and they are able to "switch it up" and change scenes every quarter or so if it is year round.
  8. It's a prank. Remember last year was the "Ride for your life"?
  9. Nevada does not participate in the lottery. Residents have to drive to Primm, NV or Arizona for a ticket. Lines out in Primm have been up to 5 hours long! However, I will not buy a ticket.
  10. I see youre using a Mac. Are you using any building tools? I want to build on my Mac, but it sucks Newton doesn't work =[
  11. I looks really good! I really like your innovation to combine rides; like in the monorail and the water boat! However, I understand that the sky is suppose to be clean and crisp.....but the landscaping is boring. Especially around Stratosphere. Id try and add in some different trees for color variation. And even around stratosphere try adding in some grass/mud to just mix it up. Just my advice!
  12. It is that time of year again when the flowers start to bloom, plants come back to life, and amusement park season kicks into full throttle. However, here in Las Vegas its when the Ed Hearty wearing d-bags come out to get plastered at a hotel pool. To find an escape from this, I have been searching around at some other hobbies for summer fun since Vegas is a bit dry on amusement parks. About 3 weeks ago, I received the daily email from Groupon on 80% off of "The Scorpion Warrior Mud Run" - thought why not and signed up. I had no idea what I was in for. My group of four drove up to the park where the 'mud run' was held. Althought it was more unorganized than a class room full of kindergartners after espresso shots, I was able to have a lot of fun! The run started off with a 2 mile run though a flood basin; going up the cliffs, down, around, etc. Then after wrapping around back towards the starting line the 'dry' obstacles started. A few walls to climb over, ranging from 4ft to 15ft, tires to hop though, and shipping crates to pounce on. Following the dry was the finale of the 'wet' obstacles. Lets just say Im still finding dirt in random parts of my body after two showers. Somewhere during this all I ended up skinning my knee, getting cut up on my shins, and bruising my bicep. I think I became obsessed. Since I am still new to this area, what mud runs have you participated in? Does anyone do them? I signed up for one called the Devil Dash in May. Im already excited for the free beer. Here is a teaser: [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/33945275[/vimeo] And another I am debating about enlisting in is called Tough Mudders: Tough Mudders in Vegas is a 10mile run. I dont think I have ever ran that far in my life! Has anyone done it? Seems like an amazing experience. Oh, and post some pictures! The after picture
  13. Lets play Devil's Advocate: Pretty much the same thing Joey posted, just organized a bit different. Why I'm Opposed to Kony Just an interesting read.
  14. This seems like a very TPR-friendly episode. What is interesting to me is that in Jackass Number Two, they had to censor the dude drinking horse semen...and that was an R-rated movie. Not sure how NBC allowed this but I'm glad, because this is going to be hilarious. Well that episode never aired! It was fully shot and produced and NBC pulled it at the last minute! Im just thinking...if you were a contestant on that episode of Fear Factor and you said to your friends, "Guys, I drank donkey piss and semen. You HAVE to watch this episode this Monday!" and then it doesnt air.....how embarrassing!
  15. Just finished watching Monday's episode of the cargo nets, snakes, and jet ski. I would take eating something any day over laying in a pit of anything. Still, Id rather have snakes slithering all over me then tarantulas crawling all over me. Makes me cringe just thinking about it! The first two stunts (cargo nets and jet skis) dont really seem scary to me! What is there to fear about a cargo net and jet skis? Snakes - totally get. But cargo nets?
  16. This park reminds me a lot of a park posted over on Atari's website called CPG: http://www.ataricommunity.com/forums/showthread.php?t=588921 The park being rebuilt and redone bit by bit. Remember, atmosphere, atmosphere, atmosphere! Dont forget about those small buildings and areas that add into the guest experience. You can do it!
  17. Keep adding more and more vegetation. You should also try adding some rocks around the water shore. Another tip I would highly suggest is use the terraformer to use different landscape option other than just grass. Some dirt, sand, and others would look really well among the vegetation. Remember, its all about 3 things: 1) Atmosphere. 2) Atmosphere. 3) Atmosphere. So small plants and details really go along ways. For example, on your 'sky ride' building, try adding a small window shrub under the window. Fill in those empty spaces! Keep it coming!
  18. As I was scrolling through the channels last night, I noticed a couple sucking down some blended worms, stink beetles, and fly. All of that topped with some curdled milk. So the clear choice is to stop everything I am doing and watch the compelling horror unfold. The last stunt was when one person was dropped 5 stories through plywood and other materials and the other was rocketed up 5 stories through the same material. I watched thinking, "which would I rather do?" As coaster nerds and thrill seekers, do you think you could do Fear Factor? If I got the choice, I would do it in a heart beat! You would NOT have to ask me twice to slide down the side of the Luxor! And I don't mean just Fear Factor Live at Universal - the real deal - cow testicles and all for a shot at $50,000. Personally, my biggest fear would be anything with spiders! Ick. If you are unfamiliar with the show, you can check it out on Hulu.com
  19. That coaster looks beautiful! Im sure it will look great all lit up at night. Good to see it testing too.
  20. I didnt see you in that news clip! May have been the wrong one? Is there any concern with winter and the water park? From the construction pictures, I remember seeing all those PVC pipes and Im sure it would be a nightmare if one busted. Anyhow, I was wondering why was the decision made to not go with an infinity pool system and use a skimmer system instead? Also, why White Water over another company like ProSlide?
  21. Does anyone use or submit to stock photo websites? Any suggestions?
  22. I was thinking a theme to something more middle eastern or Mediterranean. Here is a link to a few: http://baterya.com/design/mediterranean-color-schemes/
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