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  1. OMG! It is a tard with a digital camera!
  2. Do most of your PCs lack the power to run RCT3? I enjoyed the heck out of it. Granted I liked RCT2 more, but to say it isn't worth buying, wow that is just blasphimy! my suggestion is RCT2 or 3 if you don't want to get really technical in rollercoaster design.
  3. Wow, that was so hot. I stopped when he lifted his shirt. It was like watching a snuff film, only the person dying was me.
  4. If they do finish the series in movie for, please don't let Lucas make the final cut.Epi.III was the best one out of all the new Star Wars movies, but that isn't saying much at all. I just hope they do more Clone Wars-esque cartoons. I mean everyone in the Clone Wars animated shorts were badasses. maybe they could fill the gaps of the movies in that fashion. As much as I hate to say it, Lucas is one of the reason why today that we have such advanced movie making processes and resources. But he still killed Star Wars with a single character. We must not say his name, for he will cast a plague of dumb on us all. Also here is what i don't understand: ***SPOILERS TO THOSE WHO HAVEN'T SEEN ALL OF THE STAR WARS MOVIES TO DATE SPOILLERS*** If leia remembers her mother, but Natalie Portman died having the twins, why in the blue hell does she remember her mother being very beautiful? Is it her mother on Aldrean, you know Senator Jimmie Smitts wife? Why does Darth vader have a Simon Says on his chest? Why didn't Jar Jar died a horrible painful death. Oh crap I said his name. Everybody run, the dumb will consume us all.
  5. Hello, I am Ken. I am a recovering alco...coasterholic. I have my Cedar Point season pass and ready to ride. I like to have a good time and crack jokes. When I am not riding coasters, I usually play video games. New or old, I like them all. Anyway, hello all. I was under the impression that there was punch and pie?
  6. An old pic of me, but I look the same, minus the peircings. Mail Order Puppy On Ride My old mom and my girl and I on BKF(it isn't Dominator!) She used to only ride the small ones...
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