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  1. Hey kids are mean and cruel. It happens, will never change, that’s how it is. Mickey’s not real? j/k. That sucks but hey that’s kids. (Reason 1,213,476 why I only have dogs) Best suggest I would make for this. Watch it. It sounds like it could turn into physical bullying in the future. A group has singled him out, and found out he does not fight back so you bet they will continue with it and it could get worse as they get older. Are they jealous, maybe. My money says they know what gets too him. The whole idea of being a bully is finding someone’s weak point and exploiting it. Options: #1. Give him some George Carlin videos and albums and let him learn some really good come backs. #2. Bring to the attention of the school. Most likely those kids parents will not care but worth a shot. After all this is harassment. #3. Self defense classes. Great work out, and a good instructor will teach discipline. Planning ahead is the best course.
  2. Whats wrong with Stitch. The ride/show they can kill. I don't understand how someone can forget they had a gun with them. Maybe she took the whole idea of the Buzz shooter ride too far, or she heard about Tiger and thought she needed protection.
  3. What... Better make sure I hit it this year before god knows what will become of it. That sucks, but hope I'm proven wrong.
  4. Dude that was hilarious, thanks for the laugh really needed it today. And the unicorn hat on flying was priceless.
  5. Thanks for posting those pictures of Boardwalk. That was my first real park, and roller coasters. I remember going like once a month during the summers while I was living in Daytona. I still even have the miniature Board Walk & Base logo bats you could win. You know I always wondered, not that I'm a huge ferris wheel rider, but I have never seen another one or realized with the spinning cars like BWB had. Anyone know of any in the US? It really was kind of cool, like the tee cups @ disney but you couldn't spin them fast Thanks again for the memories.
  6. I love the “safer in a shopping cart” line. Hey Intamin has gotten better with restraints, when was the last time a fat person got ejected on SUP.. Also love the broad range, because you know drowning in a wave pool causes concerns for a roller coaster? Huh. I don’t know about you but that tells me someone can’t swim and should never have been there to begin with. Carnival “portable ride” accidents, ok sure I get that. Yes they need oversight, I 100% agree for portable rides. Anything that is assembled and dismantled that many times will eventually have an issue without proper maintenance. Not to mention stoned, and drunk carnies. I’m tired of all these it’s not safe people running around. Same for those with the space program saying it’s not worth it people could die “no sh!t, and they choose to do it not you” Just annoying. These so called political leaders, etc need too get a tattoo of a ball on each thigh and move on.
  7. Interesting possible relation.. Might not be same artist. Artist name might be on main street @ DL. Source Laughingplace.com Bruce Bushman Location: Above the Market House Inscription: Ship Models - Bushman & Dagradi - Mfgs. Bruce Bushman worked on attractions for Disneyland from the beginning. He herded the classic, hand carved German horses of the Carousel pieces from the coral under the pier at Coney Island and took many of the non-horse pieces that were a part of the Disneyland Carousel and put them to use on the Casey Jr. Circus Train. He also helped with the design of the Mickey Mouse Club Circus and designed the Phantom Boats. Bruce was a large, husky man and Walt decided that his proportions would be used as a guide for the seating on the attractions. Alastair Dallas: Bushman was the son of "famous" (back then, I guess) actor Francis X. Bushman. Only Bushman that comes up on Google with a theme park relationship. Interesting. Wonder which park this was actually for? Universal? Thats seems like way to much detail for a Paramount park, even back then.
  8. Sucks we are cruising out on Jan 5th  Trying NCL for the first time, I usually cruise on Royal/Dis but we have been checking out ships for getting married on. “Gulp” Otherwise I would have gone to meet some of you guys, bummer. We love excuses for a cruise, thats just too soon. Freedom, and Voyager Class is the only way to cruise.
  9. Sadly, Double O Boardwalk & Baseball. Hey I thought it was the bomb back in those days
  10. Thanks for the heads up. Very much appreciated. I went ahead and canceled the order for the Wii Play, and ordered just an extra remote and nunchuck “good call on that one didn’t even think of the nunchuck just saw the extra remote and thought that made sense.” That’s really cool everything is basically already built in. I was expecting the Wifi to be like an HD ready tv.. Cool. I did go and get her the Paper Mario, and just a point’s card because I know she is going to want the older NES games. The rest she can figure out. Most important was making sure we had everything needed for playing it on Christmas morning. Thanks again for your replies.
  11. You think those supports can handle the weight of Ace members?! Hey if the boats from it's a small world can, oh wait a min. Well.... It will be interesting to see how this park does. It looks fun, just kind of small for really drawing in the crowds.
  12. Whenever I see anything on UFO’s I cannot help but think of that line from Mars Attacks “We still have 2 out of 3 branches of government working, and that ain't bad.” Anyways random thought over, sure I believe in them. If we are here somewhere something else has to be. I would just like to see the look on an aliens face when they discover a signal in space from us and it ends up being a porn channel.
  13. Ok I just got our first Wii ordered today on amazon for my g/f for Christmas and figured you guys seem to love it so I have a couple of questions? (I still have not played one, kind of Halo guy, sorry) Wifi built in? Or do I need an adaptor for my wireless network? Also can you link up the DS with the Wii? Good starter games for someone who loves the Super Mario Bro’s era? I have been looking at the games and have no idea what might even be decent? What accessories should I just go ahead and buy, ones really used or needed that do not come with the base model? I did order the Wii play for the couple of games and extra remote, and just Super Mario Galaxy. Any suggestions, thanks. Matt PS. Anyone trying to find one I used http://www.xpbargains.com/wii_rss.php and found it in stock in one day for 249, and not the ebay price of 415. fyi.
  14. Me? I Love playing sports. If you mean All star sports, thats the worst, most tacky looking one. I hate the cheap looking props and theme at all the value resorts. Pop I would consider the most tolerable. They are just not what I consider as true Disney quality by any means. Just one of those things. But hey for free who cares.
  15. I will not believe anything until I see torches and pieces coming out of the building. This has almost happen since, man a long time. If they do an actual replacement I agree the original layout needs to be kept, or even better yet 2 different layouts with 1 staying original otherwise lets go for a dueling space mountain. That would be kind of sweet in the dark, with some sort of strobe trigger at near pass.
  16. I fully agree with the masses. I have never stayed at any of the value resorts personally but visually out of the so called value resorts I would say Pop Century is the least scary looking. Not as in ghetto scary either, just theme scary.
  17. Thank's for sharing those. I always kicked myself for never making the trip it did look like a cute park. Minus the fact I really hate country music. Well on the bright side of it, if the park still was around the naacp would have marched the park in protest of the hangman. So at the least they avoided that one.
  18. Top 5 cars. Good and interesting topic. Kind of separates the men from the boys sort of speak. But most the cars I would want are actually very practical, and mostly affordable well minus the F1. My dream garage would have more then 5. Also it would have a round table with glass walls surround it. Programmable stalls so you can hit the remote and have the round table deliver the car to the door. Screw it just give me Leno’s garage. Here are 5 toys. 1.2 million dollars for pure bliss. My only really out of the box car I would want. mclaren f1 Flat out a hot mustang. And I hate old mustangs. elinor mustang. After the movie I searched high and low for this car, only to find out it was made for the movie. The replica's are not the same. Z06 is a very fun car, handles great decent pickup. Close to race car setup. Another must drive if you haven't. Lotus. If you have never driven one, yes butt ugly but SO much fun to drive, and not expensive. See I too can be environmentally focused. Have to have something to go food shopping with. I still love these cars almost bought one a few times. Hurray Mini-S manual. Ok so this is 6, BUT this is a car topic soo.... I heard she handles like a dream.. I also heard she comes with traction control, but costs a lot of $$ to maintain.
  19. I don’t know. I really only consider Togo & B&M as designers of the stand up. Intamin’s models where designed by B&M basically if I remember correctly? If your going to consider Intamin might as well toss in Arrow. Arrow did have a couple retro fit’s that didn’t work out so well in the early days. Anyone ever ride the Arrow stand-ups before they had to be taken down? Also wondered how they where for setup, prob. similar to Togo’s. As for which is better for design, flow, and safety B&M hands down. Then again Togo stand-ups are really good at weeding out/taking out stupid people, and seem to be supportive of population control at times. (Mantis is not that bad if, you ride row 1-5. Closer to the front better, and actually stand up properly.)
  20. Wow. Man the good old days of putting up with guests. Ride op gives you a direction you say, ok. You know how many times I had to question large women to see if they where pregnant. It sucks but how else are you supposed to approach it? Different issue but same concept. Stupidity will get you cuffed. I remember a guest that once was verbally threatening a fellow ride op, so I jumped in to help out and try to defuse the sit. The dude was such a dick so I let him load, locked restraints and held the coaster in station and waited for the cops to escort him away. So be nice to your ride op’s they have much more to deal with then you. If anyone has a problem with a situation you should take it to operations, and not out on the person who is enforcing policy and would get in trouble if they did not. Also picking a fight with a park employee is not the brightest thing in the world. (Also once you touch them they can kick your a$$, for the record.) I also do not buy the cm said the things in that exact manor unless they had limited english and meant well. She should have just said the ride cannot accommodate that sitting pattern due to safety reasons. Granted you would of prob. still pushed the issue anyways. That’s just screwed up, and stupid.
  21. Cannot resist, must reply... http://movies.apple.com/movies/us/apple/getamac_ads4/podium_480x376.mov And must add my fav. http://youtube.com/watch?v=xurD_HwKi2k As for the the whole Vista, deal. I beta tested this one very early on through a pretty good amount of builds and knew it was nothing more then a rotten wooden house with new paint. Now the original path MS was going would of been good if it would of have been staple but still even that was based of OSX in concept, and features. Thats how everyone got XP after all. When the original design which was more Vista like wasn't staple enough they broke into 2000 (nt5.0) code and gave you XP. Either way they need to stop trying to make there os look like a mac and for once create a true foot print that has not already been done. Windows could be much more if they actually tried to step out of others shadows.
  22. No way, DIS and GE are great stocks. Stocks like DIS, and GE are strong, mature, and more staple then many others. (very little surprises.) What's the dividend pay on SIX again? GE stock is a long term holder with a sweet price for purchase when it's trading in the upper 30's very low 40's. DIS is a great stock also if you move at the right time. My 200 shares I bought @ 24 a share and sold 100 @ like 44 was more then satisfying for that type of stock and only 1 year of movement. Investing in that route allowed me to drop those gains directly into Mastercard during IPO release at 42 a share. MC now is trading between 190-207 a share. GE alone paid me roughly 78.00 on 75 shares in dividends last year. And that was just GE, plus the stock has never gone red since holding. So how is Disney or GE stock not any good? DIS, and GE really are the only two true investor stocks for this topic, SF, CF are not. SF has a huge debt load, and honestly I expect the company to be sold again if possible in the future.
  23. Isn’t Pirates much deeper if I remember correctly? And sometimes even more deep when the basement floods. Just wait for when Dumbo goes down for bigger hydraulics, it’s pretty bad when you can’t get it up anymore, the elephant that is. Oh well. They should just get it over with and turn it into a shooter ride like buzz where you can shoot all the annoying kids for points. I say take away the electric lazy people carts, make them walk (unless they can't then thats different) and stop fixing things for people who are way over weight. You have to have some responsibility in life. If your that big and your whole family is big enough to sink a boat, well that seems pretty bad.
  24. Stay away.... If things don't change next year might have weak results. The only 2 true stocks in this industry is Disney and GE. CF, Six Flags, etc. have no true scope for real returns and movement. SF will end up going lower also for those who really want to invest n it. ..... SIX FLAGS (SIX) Exchange: NYSE Close as of week ending 11/2/2007 Opinion NEUTRAL FROM AVOID Date Opinion Formed 10/01/07 Price Opinion Formed 3.46 Score 1 C-Rate 0.0 Recommendation Stock shows Mildly Improving Conditions. SCORE = 1 If you are short this stock, hold position. Do not initiate new short sale. Stock is Not a Buy Candidate. Comment Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) indicates a Bullish Trend. Chart pattern indicates a Weak Downward Trend. Relative Strength is Bearish. Up/Down volume pattern indicates that the stock is under Distribution. The 50 day Moving Average is falling which is Bearish. The 200 day Moving Average is falling which is Bearish. Watch for resistance at 3.33 Week's Activity (Close as of week ending 11/2/2007) Week Close 3.00 Week Change -0.27 Week Open 3.27 Week High 3.35 Week Low 2.98 Price Analysis Yr. High 6.80 Yr. Low 2.89 MO Chg.(%) -17.1 Resistance 3.33 Support 0.00 BUY STOP 4.18 Volatility(%) 4.8 Position 3 ADXR 28 Moving Average Analysis Type Price % Slope 10 Day 3.21 93.6 DOWN 21 Day 3.29 91.1 DOWN 50 Day 3.48 86.3 DOWN 200 Day 5.19 57.8 DOWN Volume Analysis Ave Daily Volume(00) 9721 MO Chg.(%) 8.1 Up/Down Volume (U/D) U/D Ratio 0.5 U/D Direction DOWN On Balance Volume BR Positive OBV BR Negative OBV BR Money Flow(MF) 36 MF Direction UP Technical Analysis Alpha -0.29 50-Day R.S. 0.72 OBOS 0 Beta 1.14 STO(Slow %K) 20 B.BANDS 73 MACD ST BR STO(Fast %K) 5 RSV 5 MACD LT BL Wilder's RSI 18 POWER RATING -6 ..... Hope that helps.
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