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  1. NO DUDE, use Skid Row's "I remember you" HEAVY METAL RULES holla
  2. Looks like she is trying to steal a sea lion or something in that...that.....pocket pouch thing.
  3. Which one was Elissa? please post the answer so I can find her. Thanks Tomizzle L O L JK
  4. That is one good thing about Dollywood...it can be slammed packed and no where left to park, yet the wait for the coasters can be like 15 mins. On Sat, we only had to wait about 5 trains for the front seat on Thunderhead...crazy. 80% of the peeps they are there to eat or watch the shows.
  5. Hey Jarmizzle, We were there this weekend also. We did get to see Dolly but was unable to find any ticket scalpers...All 4 shows were sold out. I will post some pics tonight. holla
  6. LOL, I also called and said that I don't feel safe either....but that is because the park is in the ghetto.
  7. Dude, you like Stryper also!? I LOVE them. I saw them at the HOB at Myrtle Beach last year!
  8. hEY gREGG, Looks like super fun...at the Prison. I wanna go! When are you guys going to make it to Dollyhood? Tommizzle
  9. Ghey! Homosensual! BTW, I avoid WDW like the plague on Ghey Days. It's gay enough on regular visits, but the last thing I want to see is a bunch of lisping queens! I have Brian for that. ELL OH ELL
  10. Yea, it sucks becuase Jim BAKKER really admired Walk Disney World, and based a lot of Heritage on Disney. Who knows what all would be there today if he was able to keep building. I read where he was planning a theme park itself, with a lot of Disney type dark rides based on stories of the Bible. If that fat pig Jerry Falwell had not distroyed it all, it would be ran still...by someone. Good news is that the main hotel park and shoppes are being renovated so at least some of it will be saved. Holla
  11. Hey guys, I went up to Heritage USA yesterday to get some video and I was shocked when I saw that they have started tearing down the water park. They have also torn up a lot of the Walk Of Faith at the Upper Room. We are going back over the weekend to docu what we can of it. So far, the slides off the side of the mountain, and all the decking and buildings to the lake have been leveled. Mr. Crab is a gonner also. Luckily, I was able to salvage some cool wooden signs before they were distroyed...like the Observation Deck one and the Sea Cave Cafe sign...among a few others:) Here are some pics..it totally sucks! What is left of the slides Mr. Crab after Mr. Crab before Here is what is left of the slides!
  12. Yo, I thought BTMR was the best of them all at DLP. Love the tunnels at the start and finish. I also really like SM mission 2. The back was the best ride to me, and it was very re rideable. I will have pics posted soon. Tommy What a long wait!
  13. Hey Elissa, I will let you know how SM2 be when I gets they on Sunday.....AND I will let you know how the Segway tour of Paris be deuce. It should be quite the BOMB..like whut?
  14. I rode the Great American Scream Machine 367 times during a 30 hour coaster marathon at SFOG in 03. Dont hate
  15. Yeah, hopefully I will get to ride Red Devil...AGAIN. I have super 8 footage of that park when I was like 3 on the kiddy coaster and their Sea Dragon rules, perched on the side of the mountain. Tommizzle
  16. Ok, to ME that rides looks hella boring. It's like, the 2nd part of Xcelerator which is the most boring part of the ride, but at least its taller than 68 ft or whatever. They should have added some inline twists or something to make it more exciting. Just me 2 centizzles
  17. Sweeet, I can't wait to ride. I will be there April 8-15..like WHUT? I will also head over to Parc ASSterix to see how rough they Goudurix be. LIKE WHUUUT ninja!
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