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  1. ^^Dude, be pacient, that was only 1/2 of a hour. Wait for a few days before you post some facts, not 1/2 of a hours
  2. ^Where's Camp Snoopy? Oh, you mean those kiddie areas is the CF parks. I get it... But seriously, this was a great PTR! I wonder how the new Eurofighter would fit in with the park.
  3. Such a good choice for this struggling amusement park! This could help attract people both to the mall and to the park its self. -Stephen "Can't wait to figure out more"
  4. I learned a lot. I learned that we are supossed to run outside with shorts and T-shirts in 30 degree weather :rolleyes:
  5. BUILD A VEKOMA! Ok, did the skyline coaster inspire you from the Yankee Cannonball? For some reason, it reminds me of it. Oh yeah, F*ck you for building an Arrow corkscrew coaster.
  6. Actually, both are true. I just got a personal email from Dick Kinzel and he said that they're actually cloning every piece of steel used on X-Flight. The original is going to PKI and the clone is going to MIA. It's true. Dick Kinzel told me. You cannot be serious! Can't they just buy a new clone and send it to MIA? Well it looks like X Flight is going to PKI and MIA would be getting nothing, so there goes the MIA X Flight rumor :rolleyes:
  7. I went joggig with shorts and a t-shirt in 30 degree weather.
  8. Here's my sad list (in order from like most to least liking): Busch Gardens Europe Canobie Lake Water Country (water park) Sotry Land SFNE Palace Playland York's Wild Kingdom Only seven parks, but I'm planing to visit at least two new parks!
  9. I have 5 detentions starting tomarrow
  10. Happy birthday to Jeremy, happy birthday to you! KILL JOEY BEFORE THE DAY IS DONE
  11. Nope Is the Yankee Cannonball overated?
  12. My crappy entry, I won't figure out if I won until the 27th of December: TPR vip train contest.bmp A= Austin S= Stephen (me) The guy in the train is Robb The two guys are Mark Sharpio and Daniel snyder
  13. ^Ok, thanks for pointing that out, I hate it when I figure out that I've broken the rules. Well anyways Galaxi (I've ridden a Galaxi )
  14. ^Thanks vjgx (or Matthew, which ever you prefere)! I like my new avatar a lot! Hooray for Christmas Yankee Cannonball avatars!
  15. It felt like the Sun was setting at 1:00 today and it doesn't now (3:00)
  16. BUMP! Happy Birthday to me! I look so bad in the photo, just like my birthday
  17. You actually liked thje Zipper? No kidding, I am surprised. Well anyways, that fair looks fun, but a little ghetto. The mouse looks painful but fun! I can't wait to ride my first in December! Also, the Tango does look painful, I hope I don't ever ride one. And finally, the Avalanche is a boring ride type with no Airtime.
  18. I know a few that I've been to and they might not have. Canobie- Elissas never been! Palace Playland- I don't know if Robb has been there but I know Elissa hasn't! York's Wild Kingdom- That ghetto little dump in Maine that nobody goes to. Story Land- They have never been! Water Country- A cool water park that I havn;t been to in years, and I'm pretty sure Elissa and maybe Robb havn't been. Hooray for 5 parks that I've been to and Elissa hasn't and a few Robb havn't!
  19. ! These toys are seriously messed up! How gimmicky can toys get!
  20. I discovered hat I might go sailing in the Bahamas in 2008 .
  21. yes. Do you have more than 13 roller coasters under your belt (I suck)?
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