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  1. Someone is coming to Lagoon! 1. Utah weather is very unpredictable. It can snow or it can be eighty degrees. Just check the Weather Channel before you leave. 2. It probably wont be crowded. 3. Some of the rides close like Rattlesnake Rapids, the log flume and some kid rides. All of the major rides should be open though. Lagoon is a nice little park and you chose a good time of year to go because it will not be as hot as the surface of the sun. If possible get there at opening and you can do everything in the first couple of hours. For more information visit lagoonisfun.com!
  2. Uh, testing won't be for a while. The computer software isn't installed yet.
  3. Not really, he had cancer. Anyways sounds like an awesome trip. I hope you have fun.
  4. If the Wii and PS3 were free and I could only have one I would choose the PS3. PS3 is $600. I can't bring my self to spend that much.
  5. I said not again as in. Oh no, I hate this show. Why do they have to do it again?
  6. I read somewhere that he was filming oceans deadliest.
  7. I have a few. California Screamin was my first cough* big coaster experience. I felt like was about to die before the launch. Speed in Las Vegas also freaked me out. Desperado almost made me piss in my pants. Something about being over 200 feet up and going 80 plus mph.
  8. They painted "the White Roller Coaster" to preserve the wood, but with treated wood Lagoon saves a few pennies.
  9. Not that I know of. It will go from the tennis buildings in the south and almost to Roller Coaster.
  10. Lagoon was built on a swamp so they have to go very deep to get bedrock. The rusty looking pipes are supports from the station and possably the scenery. The parking lot wont be torn up. I don't know weather its part of the scenery but parking lot seems to fit in with the industrial theme. Roller coaster supports are supposed to go up on Sep. 16. A saturday. It makes me think that is when they will release more information (name, stats ext.) I just hope lagoon does it right.
  11. His name is Eh Steve. homestarrunner.com
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