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  1. Wow. Those are beautiful. I'm so glad my Ap doesn't expire until March!Since those look really retro, I wonder what they are going to do for the rest of Tomorrowland. . . . I hope they gut Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, put in Stitch's Great Escape, Revamp, or take out Star Tours. If they do take it out, then they should put in Mission Space. Put in a new retro looking Peoplemover, and redo the Autopia cars. Those Monorails are going to make Tomorrowland look much better.

  2. Disney World Restaurant Bans Children


    Posted: 2008-01-05 18:31:00

    Filed Under: Nation News, Travel News


    ORLANDO, Fla. (Jan. 5) - The home of Mickey Mouse, Tigger and Tinkerbell has banned kids from its fanciest restaurant.


    Beginning this week, children under 10 are no longer welcome at Victoria & Albert's in the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. Victoria & Albert's is Walt Disney World's only restaurant with an AAA five-diamond rating.


    "We want to be the restaurant that's available for that adult experience," said general manager Israel Perez.


    Only about three families a month ever brought young children to Victoria & Albert's, said Rosemary Rose, Disney's vice president for food, beverage and merchandise operations.


    Men are required to wear jackets, and women must wear dresses or pantsuits. The hushed atmosphere features live harp music, and the menu, which changes daily, offers seven-course dinners that can last as long as three hours. Prices start at $125 a person.


    Rose noted that there are plenty of dining options for families at Disney, which World has 97 other full-service restaurants.


    I found this on AOL and I do agree with what Disney is doing with this. Tell me what you think about it.

    >> Jake




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  3. My reply is more for Disney than anything else. I think they should update Tomorrowland (DLR) again. With the White Space Mountain, and alot of the rest of it still Tans, reds and green colors, they need to update. Add either a new peoplemover, or take out the track, and add a ride similar to test track. Take out Honey I shrunk the audience, add Stitch's Great Escape, and Add Electric Autopia cars. Anyone like this idea?

  4. This is the second set of the lego models of Disneyland. I am still working on the water part of the lagoon, but here's the Station,monorail station, and the tunnel that goes into the rest of the ride. If you have any other cool ideas that I could build, please share.



    Here's a link to the other project that I did.


    Nemo lego pics.zip

  5. I was there two weeks ago and I am going back the 21st through the 23rd. I personally like the the christmas version of the castle. Iasw is boring as usual, but HMH is still fun to ride on. What they need to do is deck out Splash Mountain to the holidays. That would be COOL. Overall, the park is amazing at the holidays and everyone needs to take a trip out here to see it. I can't wait for DCA to get the refurb. The new entrance is going to look cool when it's all done. And Jahan, I am sorry you couldn't ride SM with the lights on that is a long term dream of mine as well.

  6. Rockin Space Mountain. Not regular space mountain, Rockin Space Mountain. This was the best experience I have ever had on Space Mountain. Higher ground on Space Mountain was amazing. If you didn't get to ride it, go to youtube and find it. Or go to my website and see it.



    This was just downright AWESOME! Red Hot Chili Peppers and Space Mountain. You can't get any better than that.

  7. Ok, people are people they do stupid stuff, but to go to an off limits part of the ride? That's just really dumb! If it says OFF LIMITS it means OFF LIMITS ! ! Disney gets a bad rep for everything. A few weeks ago Aol posted the top 15 most dangerous cities to live in, and the heading was " Crime heads towards Disney World " WTHeck ?!?! That has nothing to do with Disney World! Idk people are idiots.

  8. Ok I had some extra Lego pieces lying around and I thought I should try to make a model of Space Mountain, Honey, I Shrunk The Audience, and the old Rocket Rods. It isn't the best, but it does look similar. I hope you enjoy. I would like feedback, I.e. what i could do better, and other parts of DLR I could try to do.

    >>Jake l*-*l


    another overview. Thanks for viewing. I am currently working on the monorail and the new Subs. Pics are coming soon!


    Space Mountain's sign . . . .


    The ball with the light up water. . .


    Overview of the whole thing

  9. So. . . . . new trains. . . . . . . . . new tunnel. . . . . . . . . what else? Really, what else are they doing to the ride that's worth 10 million? Are the trains THAT expensive? They have to be doing more. What they should do is add really really good bose speakers to the ride and add music to the ride that goes with the new theme. Nothing crappy like DCA's Screamin music. Half the time I put my own music to that ride. Anyways they should consider putting music on the ride.

  10. I think that they are going to really improve the park. From what I read, they're putting in a theatre in the entrance? Is this going to be something similar to the entrance of MGM in FL? ( great movie ride ) They really need to axe the bug's land, and redo it to the cars theme. Maybe a high speed attraction similar to Test Track. They really shouldn't do anything with the Hollywood Pictures Backlot exept maybe to add RnR starring Aerosmith. I like the maliboomer personally, but if they were to retheme a little bit of the pier, maybe give it a 20's or 1950's theme, then they should definitely add a parachute drop. I surprised that they aren't going to axe Mulholland Madness. If they were really wanting to make it a better ride, then they should keep the new theming and add some banked turns, this way, it is a smoother ride and you don't get whiplash! It's a win-win situation. I hope this turns out good in the end.

  11. Well let's see here. i got this from my local newspaper. And Me personally I think it is wrong that Disney is even doing this in the first place. disney is a FAMILY orientated company. So why do something that alot of families are against? And also can you imagine if a little kid walks by as a " commitment ceremony" takes place and sees a man kissing a man or a woman smooching a woman?? It is pretty wrong in my mind.

  12. If you aren't healthy enough to ride, DONT ride...its THAT simple.


    But it is VERY unprofessional to be on your cell phone while "on the clock" at anyjob. esp. if it's a job that involves the public.


    I agree totally. If you have ANY of the listed health problems then DO NOT ride! But then they say it is too forceful. Well you were warned during the Que, but you were texting and calling the ride ops on the station. So your fault not the parks.

  13. Hey I am going to cut to it quick and let the pictures do the talking.

    Disneyland was fun and rockin both parks was great.

    Here's the pics. . . . I did the pictures backwards so you will have to scroll up to see them in order. lol that was my mistake. This is my first photo TR.


    After a long day we decided to call it quits. We now have passes so get ready for more photo trip reports.


    Rode the Tomorrowland Side of Matterhorn, 'twas painful .


    Another shot of Chip and Dale for Elissa.


    And now onto Rockin Space Mountain. This was pretty cool. You could see the track every so often and the music was great.


    Yay the new finding Nemo Sign is up!


    The new Jedi Show was pretty cool


    Now I wonder about How smart the highway patrol really is. . . .


    Me on Screamin I look like I just lost my dentures or something . . .


    I guess the cast memebers have to get overexcited about the ride to get the guests overexcited ??


    Then onto Rockin California Screamin. The music was good. and overall was an enjoyable ride.


    Didn't get a chance to ride ToT but here's a picture of * bad Tower *


    Then onto California Adventure.


    Me and my sister in line for Big Thunder.


    My dad and the birthday girl


    Never will you see a shot like this one EVER!


    hmmm if I apply now, I might be able to join when I am 24 ! The wait is that long.


    Pirates was the first ride of the day and the new stuff is imaculate. The jack sparrow's ANd the new effects are cool.


    Aha! Found it !


    Castle, what castle?? i don't see any castle . . . .


    Found one of the hidden windows that has executives name's on it.


    Hey Elissa this one's for you.


    And the last time I saw this little Demon she made me dance on Main Street with everyone looking! So needless to say after Alice Flirting Cruella crushed me and all of my luckiness.


    Mad Hatter and Alice. Last time I was here Alice was flirting with me. Now I feel like the luckiest man alive!


    Would I lie to you about my sister's birhtday?? I seriously got stuck watching High School musical on the way down!


    Still more theming. I think they should keep this up all the time it is pretty cool


    At least they have tinkerbell cutouts!


    Some of the Dream theming in the entrance. Sadly the Dream Squad was not out handing out freebies.

    - cries softly-


    Some of the more mild rides were down for rehab. And Splash Mountain was STILL CLOSED !


    so in the mean time I was already getting pumped on the Chili Peppers new Cd.


    See what I mean my incredibly busy? It took us a while to even get to the park. . .


    Since it was my sister's birthday she got to watch whatever she wanted on the way down. Stupid Zac Efron !


    Traffic was incredibly light on the way down. We made it down there pretty fast.


    YES! pixars best movie


    Ha! Johnsons I have a cat TOO!


    Man I NEVER get up this early! But for Disneyland I will


    That is the hotel I am staying at when I go to Vegas in July. Anyone ever stayed there?


    I have and i had a bad experience. WE asked for non-smoking and we got a smoking room there were cigarette holes in the linens and it wasa kinda dirty. Me personally I would rather stay at the monte Carlo or the Belaggio. But maybe your stay will be better. . .

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