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  1. Very nice version of the park!


    You said this would include Mulholland Madness...but where is it? lol


    And I'm guessing the new project is a version of Big Thunder Mountain?!?!


    When DCA gets the billion dollar refurb, Mulholland Madness will be rethemed with Goofy, and Aviation. I heard that the name is going to be something like Goofy's Flight Skool. I hope this answers your question! And if you have any more questions, I will try to answer them!


  2. Ok, first came the DCA refurb. Now, I am moving onto Disneyland. I am never going to * finish * the projects. If you have any ideas, or suggestions, tell me! I will try to incorporate them into the parks. The last teaser pic is a small coaster on Tom Sawyers Island. Since they aren't using the back part of the island (they closed off the Fort.) I decided to add a small coaster.


    And, I will leave you with a teaser for my next project. . . . what could it be???


    The Beer Garden. Aka, Derek's new hideout.


    Clarabell's Sunday Drive. Small Addition to the Pier. But fun.


    Goofy's Flight Skool


    The new merry go round around the helix of Ca. Screamin



    The Little Mermaid


    Two new facades to the sunglass Shack and the toy shop.


    The Cheshire's Fun House. This is a fun house themed to the Cheshire Cat's crazy sayings, and actions.


    Toy Story Mania! and a new facade to the loop on Ca. Screamin'


    The new Mickey facade to Mickeys Fun Wheel.


    New entrance to Paradise Pier.


    At the end of the ride, it goes outside where "the afterparty" is at.


    Rockin Rollercoaster Starring Aerosmith next to TOT.


    Sarge's Cannon Blast near the bottom of the picture.



    Radiator Springs Racers


    Flo's V8 cafe, and Luigi's Tire Chase.


    Entrance to Carsland.


    New Film for Soarin'. Soarin' Over the World.


    Carthay Circle Theatre


    Red Car Trolleys


    Here's a teaser of something still under construction . . . . .




  3. I really appreciate all the feedback! I think they do need to look in the past to find the future. With the retro monorails, they need to bring back the *old* future with a new twist. I would like to see the following :

    - Remove the Astro Orbitor, and put it back on top of the PM station. Add a cool new look with some effects that play on a loop every 20-30 minutes.

    - bring back the People Mover. Add a better security system from the inside to outside sections (back in the day, some people have fallen from getting out of the cars.) Like FitchCoaster said, add video screens inside that are updated daily, or possibly hourly, with restaurant wait times, attraction wait times, and show times.

    - Make a better entrance/exit for both peoplemover and Astro Orbitor.

    - Add newer electric cars to autopia. Instead of having Chevron as the sponser, add a electricity/ or "Green" sponser. Remove the screen playing the corny jokes, redesign the whole que, and add Disney movies that relate to Cars.

    - improve the entrance to the Train Station, and make it easier to get to. Right now, it's hidden, and not really clean.

    - Add the HKDL Space Mountain effects to our Space Mountain, add "Better" music.

    - Remove HISTA, and add either Stitch's great Escape, or a show featuring Wall-E (depending on how well it does 2 the box offices)

    -Add 3 new videos to Star Tours. One each themed to the latest movies. 1st film would be a podrace, the 2nd would be a battle and the 3rd would be a fight scene helping Anakin and Obi-Wan (similar to the intro of the movie)

    - Take out the Tomorrowland Terrace and add a bigger covered " Space Cafe"

    - Redesign Redd Rocket's Pizza Port

    - Take out Innoventions, bring back Carousel of Progress

    - Redo the Entrance

    I think this should do for now, lol


  4. My favorite coaster song is Screamin's music. But there's no way I'd bring

    an I-Pod on any ride.

    Meh. Screamin's music is *ok*. It gets old after a while. I think they need to update it. Maybe bring in a decent band that's from California (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Simple Plan,or even an unheard of group.) I respect your opinion though on the music. Just one question, why wouldn't you bring an iPod on a coaster? It's safe if you put it in a zip up pocket.

  5. For a launched coaster, like CA. Screamin, I've used Ignition (Toby Mac) Breath into Me (RED) Kickstart My Heart (Motly Cru) Friend like that (Hawk Nelson), on a regular coaster either wood or steel, I would go with:By the Way (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Push Play (Aerosmith), or Runaway (Bon Jovi. Honestly, any good fast upbeat music can go with a rollercoaster.


  6. Here's some info on the overall refurbishment, I think ALL these ideas are going to help the park grow. I really like the idea of changing the video for Soarin, granted the one they have now is great, it's time to change it. Overall, this will be cooler than it is now!



    here's a project tracker for Ya'll


  7. Found this on LA Times. . . Sounds interesting enough. At least this sounds better than the Aladdin Show/Meet 'n Greet.


    Indiana Jones swings into Disneyland this summer in a live-action stunt show timed to coincide with the fourth installment of the movie series, “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.”

    The Anaheim theme park is casting actors with combat experience for the Indy role, a duplicitous female archaeologist and a physically imposing bad guy for “The Summer of Hidden Mysteries,” a staged show to be performed on the balconies, rooftops and streets of Adventureland, according to the Disneyland auditions website. Park visitors would be enlisted to help solve mysteries and uncover ancient artifacts during the performance.

    The stunt show ties together the highly anticipated movie opening, May 22, with the theme park’s Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye attraction.

    According to the casting call:

    * The Indiana Jones character, a rugged adventurer in his 40s, tosses off comic lines, throws a punch and interacts well with children — all with equal ability.

    * The female archaeologist, in her late 20s to early 40s with an English accent, starts out kind and helpful but eventually reveals a villainous side.

    * The bad guy, a brute with physical agility and stamina, pursues Jones through the crowded streets of Adventureland before a culminating series of balcony and rooftop confrontations.

    If the new Indiana Jones movie proves successful, the Disneyland stunt show could take up residence in Adventureland’s current Aladdin’s Oasis theater through Christmas, according to MiceAge’s Al Lutz.


  8. Found this on Micechat. There's some ideas that haven't been talked about much. I think alot of this looks like it is going to turn out great. It's only a matter of time to see. . . .



    here's a project tracker for Ya'll


  9. Wow. These are some great pictures! I would really hope to make it to DLP someday soon. The Aladdin carpets do look out of place. With the Crush's Coaster and the Cars' Ride it does look a little displaced. I can see it going in Adventureland, They should re-theme it to Wall-E if the show does well in the box office. Overall, nice Tr. It's sad that they decided to "remake" DCA's TOT. The WDW or TDL one would look much better there.

    >> jake

  10. I for one am really looking foreward to this opening. It does look a little weak with just the video screen set up, and not very many anamatronics, but it's still going to be a great ride nontheless. The potato head AA looks great, and so does the facade of the building. I can see it getting a refurb maybe after Toy Story 3 comes out. The video makes it hard to judge, and I think people are being a little critical. The ride IS in 3d and the effects don't really show, but you have to ride it to make a final statement. And btw, Pianojohn, thanks for you report on how the ride was in Orlando. Well I gotta get back to class.


  11. I thought I would try to redesign California Adventure like the refurb that will be happening. This includes the new Entrance, the new Mulholland Madness, and the Little Mermaid. Other little things are included too. Enjoy the pics!



    And something will be coming to Hollywood Pictures Backlot soon. . . .


    Cathay Circle Theatre


    Entrance . ..




    Radiator Springs Racers. . .


    Luigi's Roamin Tires, and a sit down restaurant probably themed to Flo's V8 Cafe


    Entrance to Cars Land


    The Voyage of The Little Mermaid. I couldn't really do anything with this one because I haven't seen any pictures of it.


    New viewing area for the highly anticipated "World of Color"


    New facade over the sun wheel. This will be renamed to Mickey's Fun Wheel.


    Firstly, Toy Story Mania!

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