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    For a park that has little to no space for expansion after Cars Land, is Disney really doing the best thing by keeping the water and not just building something else there? I mean, it's nice and all, but the water has never really served it's intended purpose. When is the last time the wave machine was working? 4 or 5 years ago at least.


    Then again, removing the lake didn't really work for Knott's, so maybe they should keep it.

    As much as you're right, I think it'd be better if it stayed. I mean, would you like to ride CS and not have water there? The addition of the Silly Symphony Swings will sail over the water, the Golden Zephyr already does that, and we wouldn't have the new World of Color water show. Plus, if they were to add anything, I'd like it if they had a boat tour of the bay. That's about it with what you can do to the bay. Or, if we were to see the demise of Mulholland Madness/Goofy's Sky School, and a newer "E" Ticket attraction, I think it'd be cool if they brought in the new Eagle Coaster S&S has been working on, and have it tunnel under the walkway, and have it skim the water. No, not themed to Crush, but have a classic character, and have it well themed. Speaking of well themed attractions, The maliboomer is really going to look like a piece of $#!T when the full refurb is done. The parachute drop probably won't happen because of the underground infrastructure the Maliboomer has now, so if we have to do a retheme with that, why not to Pete's Dragon. Make a lighthouse facade around the towers, add white rotating lights to the top, paint the towers a faded maroon red, and there you go! A new attraction, with a Victorian theme tied in. Ok, I'm done ranting.

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