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  1. Oh dang.. sorry man. I forgot that. Mine was the first one you got I think. My msn is joshhaugen2008@hotmail.com. so that way you know.
  2. I think something like, Coral, or Reef Rider, or Reef Raider. I got weird names I know.
  3. By the sound of that.... Thers no way I can lose.. If I'm the only one entered... haha.
  4. Not that I'm aware of. Maybe if you changed the color of the lights to say like black or something it might not show up as much.
  5. Thanks. I also have a Hades video. Lets just say its like the RCT3 version of the TPR Hades video.
  6. Heres the video I made using the A.S.E. You can find it here. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=94405
  7. Well after I discoverd the tool that the developers of the game use to make there videos I started messing around with it and came up with a nice little video. It takes a much longer time to create a video now but it looks so much better. The program that I used is an 'easter egg' in the game called the ASE or Attract Sequence Editor. So here it is, Old Time Thunder Mountain.... http://www.americoaster.com/index.php?act=module&module=gallery&cmd=si&img=3397 Tell me what ya think of it.
  8. I have multiple videos on the web that I have done. Including a new method to make videos. It's the same method the programers used to make the demo movies.
  9. Heres the link. http://www.vodhin.net/RCT3Community/download.php?view.125
  10. How about Snowcaper... its kind of mysterious sounding... I dont know. Its sure different. And thats, snow caper (kayper) Just making sure people don't say it wrong then it sounds all weird.
  11. You all can download my Hades recreation and tell me what you think of it here. http://games.coasterbuzz.com/FileDetail ... ileID=6073 Hades.dat Hades
  12. I'm new here but I decided that won't stop me from uploading a video for you guys. This is a video of a park I recently made. You can download it here. http://games.coasterbuzz.com/FileDetail.aspx?GameFileID=6047 The video would be longer but the song is so short. Haha. So tell me what you think of the video or the park. Or both. Whatever you download. The video doesn't work right now. I'll try to get it.
  13. Ctrl + Shift + F11 It takes a very long time but its fun. I've made 2 videos that are awesome.
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