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  1. My flight friday leave at 5p. I have plans to return the rental AND be at LAX around 1:30ish. (i hear LAX is chaotic/long security lines.) So yeah, i've factored alot of the BS time in. Keep the suggestions coming guys, I have no clue where(distancewise) anything is or how far. I've been on the Balt-wash parkway and I-95 in traffic...Sometimes it was standstill.

  2. Hello guy and gals, I will be heading to MM with the wife. My flight will arrive around 10a at LAX, Here are my plans.

    2 hours after arrival(eat at am/pm :O ) head up to MM and enjoy the day, day 2 return to MM cut out early head to Santa Monica Pier in the evening. day 3 Knotts berry farm. We leave that friday but i am looking for a hotel. Based on the geographical location of my trip where would the best place be to stay at/around?

  3. The wristbands dont need to go up because you can go to a real amusement park nowadays for a little more than a wristband there and the band is only good from opening to closing. A log ride would be wonderful if it ran through the Aquarium and all over the park. After that a good Eurofighter or just anything Steel would work and it would be complete with the space they have.
    I disagree...They would have to pay for the ride somehow...PLUS it's not like you can say "oh let me drive off of 610 and Kirby anymore..."
  4. To solve their debt, they should ask the govt. for a bailout, since every other company seems to want in, why not SF? They could make a case since they are a huge employer, do businesss with many different vendors, and a loss of any of the parks in any state would damage the local economy/tax base.


    If America Express can magically be considered a "bank" now to secure 3.5 billion, SF should be on the phone to their congressman to get them a piece.

    They could use Houston as an example... Didn't damage the economy/tax base here
  5. Good grief, do we really need day to day updates on how it's riding?


    Maybe WE don't but perhaps lorddoonga was planning to go out there and ride. Given the temperamental nature of the Bullet, it's not a bad idea to find out how well it's running before driving down there.


    Besides, you don't have to read this thread if you don't want to.

    It was faster last night then before(i'm not a nut to "time it" i can bearly remember how many times i ride it.) But there was 2 breakdowns yesterday, Once coming in to the station the train stopped halfway, They tried to dispatch it again and no go, The brakes would open and close for a sec. Took about 5 mins to get us off.(Maint came and turned a key.) The next time the "E- stop button" lit up read and the train stopped on the lift. Again Maint came and turned a key.
  6. And its easy to access because you dont have to pay themepark prices to ride it. We're just so happy!
    Ehh, I think $20.00 for one coaster is bordering on theme park prices...


    But I'm not complaining, just glad we have something to ride.



    I know you're not complaining.


    Can't please everyone.... You don't pay SF 15 buck to park, You can stash food in your car and drink it/eat in the car. Yeah it's high but they gotta pay for the rides somehow. I went to the little "kwikemart" and bought a soda for 1.20 Kemah /everytheme park $3.00

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