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  1. the worst fastpass line right now is probably RSR. In the middle of the day, the line for FP extends outside the entrance.


    It is a bit difficult to adjust lines that weren't made for single rider/FP. Disney tries their best. With Indy being a very popular attraction, its always going to be a chaotic IMO.



    Im really glad the bug screens are in HD now. Last time I rode it, I was trying to figure out if it was out of focus or always been that way. I've been spoiled by HD!

  2. The biggest complaint I have is the outside section still having all that backstage area visible. It's something I thought a company as obsessive about the overall experience as Disney would make sure didn't look that janky.


    I haven't ridden the new version yet, but I do agree with this just based off the videos - it might've been okay with the old, generic Test Track, but with the sleek, futuristic appearance of everything inside, launching outside into a course that doesn't have any touchups besides the purple stripes seems pretty disappointing.



    After watching the videos, the facelift looks incredible. Awesome futuristic look, almost looks like a Tron ride . I've ridden the old one, I would love to ride this new one now!!!


    The launching outside was a bit odd, you go from a dark, neon, filled room to plain ol' outside. A really strange transition.

  3. I know Walt had a hard on for monorails, but current designs are very inefficient. Also if it were to break down, you cant just tell people to evacuate lol. Though Im sure an engineer can create solutions for these issues, but that also costs extra.

    Would have put Anaheim on the map, alongside Ogdenville, Brockway and North Haverbrook
    Took me a second to catch that reference


    Heres a picture of the Tram line in Munich.


    I love how they designed it, sometimes there are separations between Trams and normal traffic, other times they merge. I missed riding it to class! It sucks we love our cars so much in California!


    Once the high speed rail service starts, the line might get a decent amount of travelers. Though that might happen in 5,10, or 20 years! Or might not even be built.

  4. Thank you for that, I am less creative and more interested in the mathematics, mechanics & physics side of things. That further confirms that Mechanical Engineering is right for me.




    Except I do think I am creative just not in the same sense as an artist! I love solving problems!

  5. I hate how our society perceives alcohol. When I studied in Germany, everyone drank a few brews out in the street, even served in it in the cafeteria.


    Anywho, Im surprised they just started serving wine. It seems like something should have been doing for awhile now!



    And nobody pays $100 for a ticket, to get drunk for $10 a drink. That's just not smart lol. For that amount to get drunk might as well get bottle service at a real club

  6. Im guessing no one read what I wrote lol.


    A linear motor is essentially a regular rotating motor laid out flat.


    Some definitions


    Stator - part that stays stationary

    Rotor - part that moves



    Both systems work on the push/pull concept. Induction motors require "slip" to produce torque, where the rotor moves at a different frequency than the stator. Sync, is the opposite, where the rotors moves at the same freq has the stator.


    Ex: Household voltage is 60hz, meaning a sync motor would run at 60hz(this can be varying using other factors).


    Note: They both are AC motors



    -Requires Slip

    -Stator is electromagnet

    -Rotor becomes magnetized through eddy currents induced by the stator




    -No slip

    -Stator electromagnet

    -rotor permanent magnet



    Linearly they both work the same. Theres other technical advantages/disadvantages, but it would be hard to put it in layman terms lol.


    So a LIM is essentially the same thing but is only "magnetised" when power is applied. And why can't LSMs launch straight out of the station and LIMS can. I read somewhere that the train has to be moving for LSMs to launch. Is this true?


    I've taken a class in electromagnetic conversion, essentially a motor engineering class....but it's been awhile. =P



    Actually both can't be started from a stand still, but with some clever wiring it is possible . You can just change the poles on the stator(not moving part) so it repels rather than attract.


    Typically LSMs have permanent(doesn't always have to be permanent) magnets on the moving body(rotor), and induction does by "inducing" an opposing field on a nearby magnetic material. You see induction work with chargers that don't use wires, like those charging pads.



    If you were wondering why it's called a Linear "Synchronous" motor, because the motors run in sync with the AC freq. So if you hooked up a crude synchronous motor to your home outlet, the motor should spin at 60hz. Of course there are other factors involved so you can adjust the frequency but that gets way to complicated.

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