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  1. What I like about Disney is that you can always get in line until park closing. If the park is set to close at 10pm, you can get in line until 9.59pm. So this means that even without FastPass (or a paid option) I can always hit the most popular ride by just going there shortly before park closing and I can be sure to still get on the ride. Lots of other parks close queues of popular rides way before park closing time but not Disney. I hope they'll never change that!
  2. Ok, thanks. I've been to all other Disneys except Hong Kong (and that I'll do right before going to Tokyo). Still I'd like to get rides on the Tokyo BTR and SM even if they're the same as in Florida. Well, I guess the best thing is to simply try it and if I can't get to everything I want to ride, I still have the option of spending another day at the resort. Just one more question: How strict is TDR with the Fastpasses? I know from other Disneys that the time printed on it does not really matter in the end. If I have a Fastpass that says "come back 10.30 to 11" they would let me in with this pass also much later. Is this also the case in Japan or do they insist on my adhering to the time printed on it?
  3. Hey guys, at the end of September I will have two full and two half days in Tokyo. My plan is to spend the first full day in Tokyo DisneySea and Disneyland, the second full day is reserved for Blue Fall, Galaxy Express 999, and Thunder Dolphin, and the two half days for your typical Tokyo sightseeing (Shinjuku, Ginza, Roppongi, Tokyo Tower, Meiji shrine, Asakusa temple etc.) Now I've never been to Japan and would really like to hear some opinions from people who were there. In particular I'm interested in your opinion on trying to do Tokyo Disney Resort in ONE DAY. Is it possible to grab rides on the major attractions in both parks? How will the crowds be at the end of September? I'm planning to do this on Friday, Sept. 29th. The parks are open from 9am to 10pm that day so I have plenty of time and I guess it should be possible, but seeing Robb's trip reports and the crazy lines for Haunted Mansion etc. I'm not so entirely sure. Well, to cut a long story short, I would really like to hear some opinions about my plans. Optimization ideas are also welcome. As I said, I have two full and two half days to spend in Tokyo. If I'd sacrifice two days for Disney, I guess I would have to dispose Blue Fall because that trip doesn't seem to be managable in a 1/2 day... Thanks in advance, Andy
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