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  1. So far, I'm not planning on staying at a CP Restort, but that may change. As for the entire trip, i'll be sure and bring it back from the dead once I my plans are written in stone sometime later this month or early next month. Thanks guys (and ladies ) for all your input. ***MIND CHANGE**** SEE POST BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I voted for the Paramount Parks, but i'm upset that the person who created the poll didn't include Carowinds .
  3. Well you read the topic, what are your opinions on these theme park giants?
  4. I was 8 when I rode my first coaster. It was the Scooby Doo coaster at Paramount's Carowinds, and I've been riding coasters ever since. And i'm 21 years young
  5. I also prefer the Vekoma flyers. Those are the only Vekoma Coasters that I like, a lot. Maybe they'll build the tallest flyer in the world. Their premier East Coast park already has the tallest strata coaster, so a huge flyer with, perhaps a 275+ ft drop would be nice. Maybe a bit unrealistic, but it would be nice.
  6. We might as well call TTD and KK the "first generation" strata coasters. I surely hope they get the kinks worked out because both TTD and KK have had a lot of downtime since they've opened. I surely hope they have TTD working when i get to CP in early august.
  7. That would be pretty cool All I ask of a coaster is that they should be equipped with trains that can hold more people and speed up the queue. Other than that, I like coasters just fine right now
  8. You're pretty close to Atlanta, so I can see why your homepark is moreso Six Flags. I plan on going to SFOG after I get back from Cedar Point. Carowinds is a good park, but nothing more. But the Top Gun Jet Coaster is one of the best inverted coasters in the US. I'm not sure how the Borg stacks up with other flying coasters, but I thought it was a pretty good ride.
  9. Nice to see people from my home state. I'm originally from Columbia, but I am a Senior now at USC Upstate in Spartanburg I rode the Borg for the first time 2 weeks ago, and it kinda banged me around a bit. Other than that, I enjoyed it. But my heart still has a soft spot for Top Gun I'm sure once I visit the CP in August, my entire mindset about Carowinds will change. I wish they'd build some "bigger" coasters, but i'm not sure what the ordinances are on coaster height are in that area.
  10. Well i'm sure if you're from Orlando, I'd expect you to be defensive. My opinion is totally subjective, so let's not take this to heart. Now, as I was saying... Not all the rides at Universal Studios suck, but MIB and Twister could be a lot better. Twister was just, boring to say the least, and with MIB, the theming in the queue was better than the actual ride. IOA is a great park, but with limited space, I don't see them advancing as a major "coaster" compeitor in the near future, because with the parcel of land they occupy, they won't be able to put much more into the park without running into Universal Studios. Sure Six Flags is to the north, but Florida can't be all about the "experience" forever. It's nice to have the movie experiences and all, but those get old rather fast, especially the one of yesteryear. However, I expect Spider Man to age very well. And if IOA is expecting to be a competitor with more traditional parks, they better get more coasters. And let's not take this to heart ppl, it's just a theme park discussion
  11. I'm not sure what type of crown IOA is trying to grab, but could use more coasters. The three major coasters (Fire and Ice Dragons, Hulk) are good, but the park would be even more complete with more coasters. A woodie would be nice, but I don't see that happening. IOA is more of a State of the Art Park, and a woodie wouldn't uphold that image. They would do better building a ride similar to MF at CP. A steel ride without inversions but big, fast, and state of the art. If I were in control of IOA, i'd do away with part of Universal Studios, make it one big park, and build more coasters and flat rides. A lot of the rides/experiences at Universal Studios kinda suck. I had much more fun on the IOA side, and I did everything on both sides. IOA should offer another dark ride, a coaster or 2, and maybe even a another tower. The Dr. Doom's fear fall doesn't put any fear in anyone. It just shoots you up fast, and brings you down in a relaxing fashion, hardly exciting.
  12. The last Vekoma coaster I rode was the Borg Assimilator at Paramount's Carowinds, and it is one of the better Vekoma's that i've ever been on. With that said, they aren't that bad. I've ridden worst, and International Coasters, Inc "Hurler" comes to mind. That is without a doubt the worst wooden coaster i've ever been on.
  13. It's over 200 ft high, so I can imagine that drop is pretty intense. I haven't heard much about Goliath since other Mega coasters have overshadowed it. And not to mention last time I've been to Magic Mountain, it was in 1998 and Goliath wasn't there yet
  14. Well from what you guys are telling me, I may suck it up and stay at Breakers Express. But geez $105 a nite plus tax is just crazy for an express hotel. But on the other hand, if I stayed at an outside hotel, and didn't get to get in early, i'm wondering how much would I miss? I guess that's depending on how many people are staying at the resort. I'm thinking if I go on Monday and Tuesday, i'll be able to get all the rides in even if I don't get in early.
  15. Hotel Breakers Express rates are about $100 a nite in August . Unless I wait til August 15th, then it goes back to $69 a nite. I'm not sure I want to wait an extra two weeks, but if it's worth it, I will. EDIT: Well can't wait til the 15th. Classes start back for me on the 18th. I may have to suck it up and pay.
  16. Just those two posts helped me out a great deal. I was thinking about staying at a CP hotel, but they are kinda expensive for my tastes. I went through the CedarPoint.com site and they had a "Ride and Slide" deal. It included 2 days at Cedar Point and Soak City for $67 per person. While this is a great price, is there anyway the tickets can be had for an even better price? Thanks to you both for the great input. I want to get the ball rolling early on my planning. EDIT: Another question. If I get my tickets from an outside source, but stay at a CP Hotel, will I still be able to get in the park early?
  17. My fiance and I are planning on taking a 5 day trip to Ohio, with at 2 days dedicated to Cedar Point. So I have a couple of questions: 1. Is the middle of the week in August a good time to go? I plan on going on either a tuesday, wednesday or thursday in the very beginning of the month of August. 2. What rides should I tackle first? 3. Will I really need 2 days to take on the entire park? 4. I've found some shopping venues in the area, but else is there to do in the Sandusky/Cleveland area? 5. What are the crowds like at night? Since I may spend 2 days, I was thinking about going one day from morning to mid afternoon, and then another day mid afternoon til closing. 6. I'm just starting to turn into a "Coaster Fanatic", and in all honestly, TTD kinda puts some fear in me. I've ridden many great coasters, but none topping 300 ft+. Any suggestions or helpful advice is greatly appreciated. I think this trip to Cedar Point will be even better than the trip we previously took to Universal IOA/US over spring break BTW this is my very first post, so welcome me
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