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  1. Hi Coasterbill! I was going through my collection of RCT2 custom objects and noticed that you designed a ton of them. I looked up your username and saw that you were last active here within the past hour, so I just signed up because I wanted to reach out and say this: Thanks for being such a tremendous contributor, and for staying passionately active in the community! I hope this note finds you well. If you want to get back into RCT2, the 'New Save Format' update to OpenRCT2 is a major game-changer, allowing for nearly unlimited park size, object selection, and more! Stay wild! —Jettomukade, Chilopod and Roller-Coaster Enthusiast P.S.: If you have any advice about making custom objects, I'd treasure some tips! I'm planning on making a fully-custom, Centipede-themed, near-universal coaster train (i.e. works on all upright tracks, but not hanging/inverted tracks), but a lot of the software for making the actual objects are hard to locate and even harder to operate (I'm a Mac user, so I have to install it through Wine in order to run the builders). What programs did you have in your RCT2 toolbox?
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