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  1. Seize the day and immediately scream at them (once they grab you) like you're one of the actors. 60% of the time they'll hit the deck.
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  2. I love the Mandalorian, I remember having a roller coaster of emotions before it came out. First time hearing about it a show about Mandalorians exited me, within the Star Wars lore they have the most interesting culture and history and getting Mandalorian ships and weapons (like the Darksaber) in life-action would be awesome, then it was announced to be about a lone Mandalorian bounty hunter and I was like: "Okay, so discount Bobba Fett. Why do all Life-action Mandalorians have to be bounty Hunters?". But it was Star Wars related so I would watch it, Episode 1 just hooked me and after season
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  3. I didn't know this, but I'll have to check it out! Speaking of 90's shows, I just started watching X-Files on Hulu.
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  4. I've had strangers literally tell me they were going to grab onto me if they got scared during the haunt. I remember one time these teenage girls I had just met five minutes prior grabbed onto me and held on for the entire haunt. It was awkward but I felt kinda bad for them. The most awkward haunts are the ones like Total Darkness at Six Flags and Blackout at Kings Island where you get grouped in with strangers and have to hold onto a rope while you navigate in the dark. You have no choice but to stay huddled pretty close together and usually end up brushing/bumping into the person in f
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  5. The first time Brit and I went to Universal it was like 50 degrees. I obviously wanted to ride the flume (Ripsaw falls) and Jurassic Park River Adventure but knew that those big splash boat rides often got you soaked so I bought a poncho for that because I wanted to check out the cool animatronic dinosaurs but didn’t want to get soaked. I wore it on that and then didn’t wear it on the log flume since those usually don’t get you nearly as wet. Anyone who’s been on those rides should realize by now how badly we fucked that up.
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