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  2. Lol, the real Bald Knobbers were a post civil war vigilante group that roamed around the Ozarks. If you look them up on Wikipedia it references them as the theme to FITH but points out the ride and the stage show are historically inaccurate.
  3. one of my favorite Disney Rides. I absolutely prefer it to Indiana Jones. . . which is odd, as Bill says, it's the same ride system. I think it gets crapped on because it's located in the "crappiest" area of Animal Kingdom: the cheapie Dynotiopia area. . but now that Primeval Whirl is gone, maybe the area will get a refresh and not look like carnival rides in a Disney Park.
  4. People crap on it because it’s the same ride system as Indiana Jones and Indiana Jones is a better ride. That’s true, but it’s also like saying “I’ve been on Rise of the Resistance so now I refuse to enjoy any other trackless dark rides”. I’m not saying it’s the best ride in the park or anything but it’s good and I would argue very underrated.
  5. I've never been on it, but don't most people usually crap on this ride for some reason? I've only seen povs so can't really fully judge until I've ridden it in person, but I'm not seeing where all the hate comes from.
  6. I really don't like Everland's new smart line system. A bunch of rides are reservation only until 2pm, but on weekends they're all snapped up instantly so you're locked out of 7-8 rides for most of the day. It's like Ride of the Resistance except it's a third of the park and you can only choose one. I assume it's a corona control thing but then why until 2pm? Hopefully it goes away considering 91% of the adult population here have got vaccinated. And since people are locked out of a bunch of rides/in a 3 hour virtual line it pushes up lines and crowds on the other rides. I get Halloween is busy but if it's for crowd control, it's not exactly working: In the spirit of fairness, Lotte World which doesn't have virtual lines does also look like this at Halloween though: Everland have announced they'll open the gates earlier and give more space to wait before the official opening of 10am for people to reserve a ride, but it just means most rides will be gone earlier. I feel lots of parks have tried virtual queues this year due to corona, but nowhere seems to have cracked the code on making it successful. T-Express is running an all day virtual line but since everything else is sold out and it's the only line left it has resulted in some big lines....
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  8. This is from the Peter Pumpkin Eater scare zone. Like PKIJizzman said they should really think about making it a haunt. It would easily be the longest haunt. Cover the area in fog and make it a werewolf forest. It definitely has the howling vibe
  9. Does anyone know where the block button is on this new forum? I’m still learning my way around the new interface.
  10. .... you mean this? Yeah, my wife was not a fan lol ... but she also likes Olive Garden, so there's that.... PS: Oh, and flight of passage is just mediocre. That's something we both can agree upon. Then again that might be because we rode Rise of the Resistance the day before. I know, completely different, but still...
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  12. I said what I said I’m not trying to be different just to be edgy or anything, I just absolutely believe that. As far as theming goes, I don’t think the other parks even come close and I doubt that’s even really a hot take. In terms of attractions, we probably like it so much because we also love animals and animal exhibits. It’s a very chill park. It’s gorgeous. Flight of Passage *might* be my favorite ride at WDW, Everest is awesome, Safari is great, I love Dinosaur and River Journey. The shows are fun and we love the animals. They don’t have a ton of rides but the ones they do have are bangers. Also, Yak and Yeti … and naked mole rats … and green beer … and that delicious blue shit … and the best bathroom on property that’s not Tangled per Brit’s official rankings
  13. They got rid of the sock fountain? Damn. That was one of my favorite pieces of decor there.
  14. There probably wasn't much of an advanced notice, but man, one train ops? That would be a complete no-go for me. I cannot stand one train operations even when the park is dead. It turns a station wait into a 10-15 minute wait very quickly. Add a busy park on top of it and you're basically paying to be herded around a small private area in the Ozark Mountains for the day, bonus a few minutes of fun. This pandemic has made life so much more complicated in so many ways. It is slowly teaching me to not worry about things out of my control. These operations are certainly unfortunate, but I am glad the park is still around to have unfortunate operations in the first place. Silver lining?
  15. It seems enthusiasts either love it or think it is meh, and I have accepted I am in the "meh" group. The good news for the people who love it is I have never seen it with a long line. Not sure if that is due to the somewhat hidden location or if the GP is in the "meh" group too. Given @PKI Jizzman mentioned 6 rides in an hour, I'd say it didn't have much of a line during his visit either.
  16. You definitely lucked out with Beast. When I got to it at 9:30ish last Saturday, the FL line was all the way back onto the exit ramp before the split. The line crawled too (probably due to a bit more priority being put into moving the ~3 hr standby line) and took 35 minutes or so. But then again, I got walk ons for Banshee, Windseeker, and Mystic Timbers right before and after that so guess you just have to hit it right (and hope the grouper is moving the FL line along if you don't). I'm glad dealing with the mask BS is over in the parks (except in California maybe? lol) and was happy to have mine put away the whole trip to Ohio minus the airport/flight. I keep one in my pocket as I usually put it on out of respect if someone wants to speak to me and they have one on, but didn't have to worry about that in Ohio like I occasionally do here in MA. I did get pissed off at one security guy at Hershey last year. Was sitting on a bench by myself with a drink next to me and he went out of his way to come yell at me because I wasn't putting it up between sips. Meanwhile hordes of people were walking by with theirs down. Definitely don't miss the 2020 hysteria.
  17. Yeah, the stacking is pretty bad. I think back to Scarowinds during Fury's first year. 3 trains. No stacking. That just wasn't the case, anywhere. We really did see several instances where it was due to an overweight rider, and the crew would spend several minutes between trying to jam the restraints, and eventually releasing the restraints for that car, then securing them again. I guess the FL was hit or miss. We luck out with MT, where we've never been past the bottom of the stairs. We also managed to time The Beast just right, where we were the only ones in FL. As far as the employee telling you no, there really is a power trip for a very few amount of people. We've all seen them. "I NEED to see your ID." "No running!" The new: "Put your mask back on!" There really are some people who just enjoy telling people what to do, or telling people no, even when it doesn't make sense.
  18. I feel like we had identical experiences one week apart but you touched on a few things I meant to but didn't remember to while writing my report. It can't be stated enough how much of a difference it is between a wheel seat and middle seat. The total difference in tone for these two reports is spot on. This was the biggest eye opener for me. I expected lines to be 2+ hours and FP+ to have some lines built up, but I truly could not believe just how many people in general were walking around at any given time. I'm a fast walker (which annoys the shit out of my 5'0" wife lol) and it drove me nuts how many groups have to walk 10 wide down a path, but it almost became moot when there were so many people that it was just one big mass of people on any given midway. The worst spots were the stretch from Hank's pretty much all the way down to the Diner (especially when they had a giant maze line set up right in the middle of the midway where the games are) and then that hanging pumpkin section between Troika and Beast. I hate to say it and it's too late now obviously, but maybe the parks shouldn't have given up on reservations this year. Not for Covid reasons, but just for guest experience reasons. When you have all these food places closed (as well as drink stations closed, and the few that were open had mile long lines) it creates a really negative experience for people. I kind of expected it going in, but I feel like a lot of people would never go back because they think they'll have to wait over an hour for food and 30 minutes just to get a drink on a hot day. I know many of these people were just hired recently and are probably doing their best with how little I'm sure they were trained, but it was pretty ridiculous a few times. I actually asked for the back row on Orion on one of my rides, but the grouper insisted I join a group of 3 in row 5. When it became clear that she was never going to get the last two rows filled before the gates opened, I tried walking back there and she actually came over and told me to go sit in row 5 to keep the train as full as possible. I figured maybe there were exit passes going to the back two rows, but nope they went empty. I don't understand why some groupers are so against letting people request rows, especially the front/back on coasters that have giant extra spaces to accommodate longer lines for those rows. Since the groupers suck so bad at actually filling a train, just let people pick their rows and when all the rows fill up, stop letting people in. If a row is empty, call two people forward that want to ride the next train. It's such a simple concept. The worst is the grouper that had a Cedar Fair Supervisor jacket on that was working Diamondback...I asked to wait for the front and she was like "Do you really need to go to the front that bad?" I had to try really hard to not just say f*ck off, but was just like "I mean...I would prefer to, yes.". There were literally two pairs of people in a line with the space to hold 15 pairs of people. Ehh...I kind of disagree with that. They kind of level off at 7:00 but so many people are flooding into the park at that time that they don't really get any shorter either. Orion, Diamondback, Beast, and Flight of Fear were all full for FL+ at 9:30 last Saturday (and all had 2-3+ hr standby lines). Maybe by 10:30-11:00 you'll start catching some short lines but it takes a while. Whether for walks of shame of general slowness, the stacking got kind of insane. Orion, Mystic Timbers, and Banshee shouldn't be running 3 trains anyway, but there wasn't a single time where the third train didn't sit for almost a minute, just to pull forward and sit again for 3 more minutes. Even Diamondback with its longer ride time was stacking quite a bit. If the Nitro ops at Great Adventure ever let the third train stack that much, they'd be relegated to Bugs Bunny Land. I will say the Beast crew was hauling ass each time I rode it, usually they were waiting for the train to clear the lift to send the next one. The same grouper was there both nights I was there (tall, younger, and quite the booming voice) and did an excellent job both honoring requests and getting every train out full.
  19. Especially when you're getting told tales in the dark 500ft underground in a cave with lanterns turned off!
  20. So I went to the park yesterday (Sunday 10/17) and here is a quick rundown. We got there about 2:30 pm since we tried out Chett and Matt's for lunch since everyone talks about it (pizza was just "ok", prices were good, but service was horrible) and also we stopped at harneys market nearby to pick up some sweet sweet ciderboys hard cider (we can't get it locally in Buffalo and it's our favorite brand so we always stop in and stock up whenever we go to CP.) ANYWAYS... raptor had at least a 90 min wait when we arrived, FL+ took me about 10 min. Man I love this ride, unfortunately I always have to ride the same row for the big boy seats. Boo Streak (yes) had almost a full queue but no line for FL. Excellent. Ride was really fun on it in the back row. Millennium Force had at least an hour wait, FL+ was about 10-15 min (they were actually staggering the ramp and not allowing it to fill all the way to the bottom, however, there was no grouper so the station was a bit flooded with people so it took a bit longer than normal. I'm starting to love MF the more that I ride it. But still not the greatest thing ever. Maverick was about a 15 min wait, with a full queue on the regular line. Rode again at night at while the almost full queue was still there, the ride was a walk-on for FL+!! Holy crap this ride at night in the pitch black tunnel, and having all the fog around during the ride, was my best ride ever on that thing. I love Maverick so much. Valravn broke down as I was about to get on. The FLP line for Steel Vengeance was the longest I've ever seen it. All the FL queue was full (and this is with the new layout). I waited about 10 min and never moved so I bailed. Had to be at least 45-60 min and I wasnt going to wait that long in a FL line when I've gone other times during the season and don't have to deal with that. Now here's where things get a little crazy.... so, typically we would go the first weekend of halloweekends in September as "tradition" however, it didn't work out for us this year. We thought for once we would go in October to finally experience the outdoor stuff (blood on the bayou, scare zones, cornstalkers, cut through cove) but holy crap was it busy. Not the Sundays we are used to where almost all haunts are a walk-in and rides in the front are a walk on. I knew it would be a lot busier than our normal Sunday, but, damn. We got through everything, but just some general comments. - Cornstalkers (2.0)... wow, of all the Cedar Fair parks this is BY FAR the worst. Like. Not even close. You literally walk on a boardwalk barely the width of a wheelchair just about the ENTIRE time and it's just corn the whole way. There is literally not a single prop other than corn in this maze. There are a few times where an actor is squeezed in with the corn or behind the corn, but man, this was terrible. The line was absolutely insane insane insane (easily an hour and a half but I don't know for sure) luckily we didn't have to wait in it. - meat meat meat typical slaughterhouse this hasn't changed over the years. The estate, hexed, freak show, same old same old but decent. Deprivation I enjoyed a lot more than I normally do. Regular lines were long. No way you can do everything without fright lane. - blood on the bayou... so.. you literally walk 10 min to get to it.... it is laid out sooooo poorly. Not very long. Don't go when it initially opens with the hoards of people because the walkthrough will be really bad and you can't get any scares because they're are just too many people walking through it. Then after it's done you need to walk back on the same 10 min path fighting traffic going the other way. No bueno. All the kids and multiple people at the end were all like "that's it?". Sets were OK. - Cut through cove was neat being under Maverick. It was decent as well and since it's an outdoor walkthrough there is no line for this either. Thankfully. Anyways, despite the negative, we still had fun, but I would not be caught dead in those lines, for rides or haunts. Not worth paying for Fright Lane because the haunted stuff just aren't very good. (then again we are blessed to have gone to places like Reapers Revenge, hotel of horror, halls of horror, among many other unique haunts around the country) so the Cedar Fair ones just don't cut it anymore and not worth paying extra for. So in summary, Sunday was crowded and would definitely not recommend without FL+/Fright Lane I didn't get home until 3am and I ended up calling in to work today, where the whole point of doing Sunday is so I don't need to call in.... If I knew I was going to do that, I would have taken a Thursday off of work to go when there is no crowds and I could walk on to Steel Vengeance all night lol
  21. FITH was supremely creepy with very very little audio the whole ride. Extra extra creepy riding after our Lantern Tour where I learned more about the Bald Knobbers. Meanwhile Flooded Mine seemed to have numerous big effects around every turn and had good capacity!
  22. Did you forget you log in a have to create another username? Just asking for authenticity sake since you joined today but I'm pretty confident there's been a shavethewhales around here a while!
  23. Age is just a number, even with theme park rides. If you keep them in shape they will essentially last forever. You could have said FITH was too old 20 years ago and been "right" in the eyes of most casual observers. FITH remains a popular ride though, even with it's bumpiness and lack of true care into it's appearance and ride experience. If it's track was replaced and the building was patched up, it would remain a popular ride for decades to come. FITH hit a spot that few rides do, and replacing it will be a tall order. Undoubtedly they'll try to do something flashy with the new ride that will look great in advertisements but cause it to break down constantly or restrict who can ride it. There are some major issues to address with the FITH structure though, including the mold and water rot issues that come from it's 1960's era water brake system. It would take a few million at least to upgrade it properly, and the ROI would not be immediately evident. I think focusing on immediate ROI is a terrible idea though, and it is part of what has led the park down it's current path. The park used to be viewed as a total experience from the second you stepped in to the second you stepped out. Now it's one flashy ride after another, many of which have constant technical problems, and even when they do work right it's a two hour wait. That wasn't supposed to be the SDC experience. There's nothing wrong with the occasional line, but now it's almost all you do. I wish SDC focused more on non-festival experiences and in keeping what they have going strong. Too many things in the park are falling apart. So many of the cute themed areas have been cleared out. I look back on photos from twenty or more years ago and the park was so much more full of life. It's not just the rides that are getting thrown away now when they get old - it's everything. There used to be a big Hatfield and McCoy water fountain with a big fake sock filter that looked hilarious and had a million photos taken of it back in the day. Just an example of things that disappear without a thought anymore. Don't get me started on the signage and stuff that used to be tacked to the walls everywhere. Anyway, enough griping. I am excited to see a potential new indoor coaster. The area they are working in is pretty small. By the time you factor in the train tracks and what I assume will be a necessary service/emergency road, there's not much more room than the current location. Will be interesting to see how they could squeeze a new modern coaster into a building with effects and everything. My hope is that it will start a trend, both within HFEC and parks at large and focusing on indoor attractions again.
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