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  2. I visited the park once in 1999 while they were testing Stealth, the Vekoma flying dutchman coaster prototype!
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  4. Never got to visit this park, even though I always wanted to. I grew up in Chicago, and I was always intrigued by the sister park in California. Hope they slice up rail pieces off the demon, I'd love to own a part of it. Carowinds gets dibs on the RMC.
  5. yes, exactly what I meant, the provision for the company to decide to end the lease at anytime could quickly turn into another Six Flags/KK situation. I give it until 2027 not 2033.
  6. Going to post this here instead of making a new thread since it's not really a full TR since I was mostly there with my son and although we rode most things I didn't photograph a lot of the park since it was mainly a father-son day out but I'll do my best to structure it as a TR. I'm not usually a first kind of person and will usually wait off opening hype, we'd heard enough stories of the park being quiet that we decided opening hype had died down and we'd go out before the hotel and factory ride opened and could potentially lead to a busier park. It's worth noting as of writing the Factory Ride had it's first operational day today (29th June) and the hotel is scheduled to open on Friday (1st July.) We'd heard a lot of negative things but I think a lot of it is just people not knowing what to expect from Legoland or who it is owned by. One of the biggest complaints we've heard is how childish the park is and how older children are bored. Personally, I expected Legoland to be aimed at children but I kind of get the point whereas most have 1 or 2 rides you could argue are for bigger kids this Legoland does seem the most full of young children rides out of all the parks. The other complaints we heard was pricing for parking and photos. $18 was parking but even I winced when my son begged me for a $28 ride photo. At least for my son, the only negatives for him were that despite the park advertising multiple meet and greet areas on the site, in reality, there is only one scheduled and it's park opening on main street. By time we made it through the ticked booth, they'd already cut the line off and that was the only chance for the whole park. No later meets and none in other areas such as Ninjago or Lego Movie characters etc. The other one was the Ninjago ride seems to be up and down constantly. The doors got shut just as we reached the entrance on the first time, second time we got to station platform and had to leave (but got a skip the ride pass at least) and 3rd time as we were about to board I joked to my son if it breaks down at least we're in the air con..... and it broke down, but at least we made it on eventually. Thankfully a 10 minute breakdown let us skip an hour since Wave Racers and Coast Guard Academy seemed to be the busiest rides of the park, never dropping lower than a 40 minute wait. We ended up using the queue pass we got for the Coast Guard Academy because loading was painfully slow for that and the line really crawled and never really died down compared to the other rides. My son knew I wanted to try out the Wave Racers and was willing to use them there but I knew he'd been eyeing up driving the boats all day and he was already tired. I figured we'll be back pretty soon to try the factory ride and at least the Wave Racer line moves compared to the Academy. Kind of bummed since it looked like a fun ride but dad points over being an enthusiast any-day. Anyway, despite hearing negative things, we had a fantastic day and will be back soon. Although there is a shuttle bus from the car-park, it's really not a long walk. The only weird thing is you have to walk past signs and protesters who are angry that the park was built on an old historical ground. The hotel opening July 1st although at $800-$1000 rooms it can be pretty pricey. Lines were pretty manageable all day. The park is pretty compact and you're never more than 10 minutes walking distance from any attraction. The Duplo area is thankfully shaded considering even in early June it was 32C heat. It wouldn't be Legoland without funky figures all around the park. Instructions said " Stack a skyscraper and shake it! Send your bricks flying thru the skies..." So we did. And got told off for making it too high and making the bricks fly onto the ground.... lol Turns out toddlers aren't too cooperative when you want to wait for the ride vehicle for your picture so here's an empty tower. Quite a few playgrounds around the park. With the heat it's kind of a shame one like this couldn't have been a water playground though. My son had been quite excited about this one before we arrived at the park. I think I underestimated how much physical labor there would be with me being the only one pumping for him This one had digital screen for the fire as opposed to holes in the wall from my trips years ago to Legoland Windsor. We'd heard horror stories about multi hour waits for the Driving School because this was the only one in the world that let adults also ride meaning a lot of people riding. At least, for the day we visited, and I presume from then on, they'd changed it to match the other parks and have it be children only and as soon as whole families couldn't ride it became walk-on all day. Apologies to the staff. I wasn't allowed in so I never saw what the safety video said but my son took it VERY seriously and didn't bring the car back when the ride finished because, and I quote: "The traffic lights all went red and you can't go through a red light!" despite the staff telling him it was OK to go through the reds. I don't think he was too popular when the ride was in moti0n either and he would stop for the lights forcing the other kids around him to blow through the light. The Ninjago ride apparently can been up and down a lot on most days. My son was excited for this one so he got a little bummed that it broke down a 3rd time on him. I want to say the staff were fantastic, although he was waiting calmly on the 3rd time on the platform, disappointment was all over his face and one of the staff brought him a Lego Ninjago mini-figure which really meant a lot to him. He got his ride in the end and was extremely happy, on the one hand I'm glad he got his ride but I would have been more than happy to sit in the air-con, and get another queue pass for an outdoor ride and try for a 4th time. 3rd time lucky, we eventually made it onto the ride. As an enthusiast being evacced to me is a cool way to see the ride, but I forget how confusing it must be for young children to have the ride stop on the track and screens turn off, even with lights on and having to wait 5-10 minutes for someone to get t you. Since this was the 3rd time and it was on his mind what would happen if he was on when "it was broken" I explained to my son what was happening in case and to prepare him but it backfired because a week later he had a bad dream where he was trapped on a ride. The apple fries are also located in this area of the park as Kai's Apple Fries. Some shots of the Korea themed Mini-Land. There were a few more exhibits but I was too busy keeping an eye on my son to snap pictures. He wasn't too interested in models he couldn't physically touch and check out. The Legoland Factory ride opened today but wasn't open on our visit but here it is on the backside of the hotel. The whole park is located on an island just outside the city. A look towards the back of the park and the car-park. The Ninjago area, and Pirate Splash Battle although strangely the Ninjago live theater is not in this area. Unlike other parks, adults are allowed to ride on the horses here. I never got this credit. Mu son kept trying to build up the courage, but I could see he was very hesitant. I'd rather ride it later when he's 100% ready than now and him have an awful experience. The full Korean Mini Land. And I'll round out this TR with some pictures from the peak of the Legoland Lookout ride. Hopefully, if somehow all my clients cancel the same day again (which can happen on a Friday when they're all from the same company) we'll be back out to the park in the next month or two to try out the Factory Ride and then hopefully I can finally try out a Wave Racers ride as well.
  7. Sad to see a park go. But if the park was in fact missing its financial targets for years and had ongoing auxiliary issues (i.e. Parking with 49ers, Height/Construction requirements with Santa Clara), I could see Cedar Fair getting frustrated by holding onto an underperforming park and with more restrictions around their ability to invest and transform the park over time, and deciding to cut bait in a post-Covid environment to free money/capital for other parks. If nothing else, it looks like at least Flight Deck, Patriot, Railblazer, and Gold Striker, along with some flats, could be nice prizes to some of the other Cedar Fair parks if relocated. Hopefully they preserve Berserker as well.
  8. Sounds like Manta is going to be open this year which is nice, having Manta, and I'm assuming Mako and Ice Breaker is a decent ride lineup. We really had a great time at the event last year so I'm looking forward to checking it out again. In fact I went ahead and bought tickets on the special they ran a little while back, it was like 2 tickets for any event night for like $33 each or something. I'll gladly pay $33 for some night rides and mediocre houses.
  9. Makes me sad. This was my childhood park back when it was still called Marriott's Great America (and before the Turn of the Century became The Demon, hence my name). The truth is that it felt like the park has been on borrowed time for many, many years, off and on. I always wondered why it didn't ever get greater attendance? Part of it is the region (there are a lot of competing things to do in the Bay Area, particularly outdoors), and part of it is frankly the relatively lousy ride investments. While it's "sister" park in Chicago got the American Eagle, we later got Grizzly (smh); Batman vs. Top Gun (now flight deck), Iron Wolf vs. Patriot (formely something else). Nearly always the smaller versions. There was never a true signature ride: Demon was as close as we got.
  10. Visit the park ASAP. I really don't think they will make it 11 years! Chances are next year they could start selling some stuff. With the hot real estate market right now I think the park will shut down relatively fast. And I doubt Gold Striker will be relocated, parts from it will most likely be salvaged (chain lift mechanism, motor, trains etc...) and some wood.
  11. Yeah, Storm Runner is open. This is a good year to go to Hershey. The coasters aren’t all open obviously because it’s Hershey and that would throw the universe out of whack, but this year’s customary “Hersheypark coaster that’s closed for way longer than it should be just because that’s how Hersheypark rolls” is Trailblazer and nobody cares about Trailblazer.
  12. I'm guessing CGA wasn't a big maker for Cedar Fair. They'll probably send Grizzly to Michigan's Adventure as a middle finger Rail blazer may go to King's Dominion or Dorney Park, Patriot may go to .... Valleyfair, Flight Deck may go to Canada's Wonderland. Now what rides go where, or do they pull an Elitch Gardens and move somewhere else?
  13. The carousel at SCBB? You're kidding, right? That thing is massive, in terms of both width and height. Where in the world would it have space for it there? Not to mention the fact they have their own historic carousel already. That said, I do agree it should be saved. But I think SCBB is not going to happen. The Sky Tower would be interesting, but are their any height ordinances at SCBB? I know many beach towns have them, so that nearby houses don't have obscured views of the beach (Santa Barbara does), though I don't know about Santa Cruz.
  14. Storm Runner is operational now days. https://queue-times.com/parks/15/rides/6445
  15. So, I'm going to Hersheypark a couple days after fourth of July, and I heard Storm Runner is currently closed. How likely is it that Storm Runner will be open by then? Also, any advice for when I visit the park?
  16. I hate to be a party pooper, but I can't really see either B&M being relocated. They are both some of B&M's earliest creations and are 30+ years old (or will be when CGA closes). They both also use a bit of terrain, which isn't the end of the world but is still a factor nonetheless. Given that Cedar Fair hasn't relocated any rides within their chain in the last 10 years, I have a feeling the only plausible relocation will be Railblazer since it is fairly new and seemingly easy to relocate and reconstruct, and it is still highly marketable. That would be an excellent fit at Valleyfair.
  17. So with California's Great America closing in anywhere up to the next 11 years, does anyone picture any of their rides making its way over to Valleyfair? Personally, I would love to see their B&M floorless or invert make its way over to VF, but honestly with the way that Cedar Fair treats VF, who knows.
  18. Yesterday
  19. At this point the property owner is waiting for the right economy to close the park. Once it makes more economic sense for redevelopment the park will close. That could be never and the land could be resold if we hit (or the region hits) a major recession. This is America, whatever makes the owner the most money will be the decision taken...
  20. Made a few neapoletin style pizzas today. Two with pepperoni and two traditional... Two of these are for coworkers tomorrow as a little surprise!
  21. Just as an FYI, while 11 years is the max for for the lease, it is said as "up to" in most reports because Prologis can cancel the lease at any time (which then makes it two more years).
  22. SAVE TEH DEMON! But really, I do love the Demon. Ours in Chicagoland, anyway. It's the better of the 2 - recording and eyes in lift tunnel, 1980 snap drop intact, disco tunnel, Demon caves, fog in mouth. And no friggin seatbelt things. I guess California will lose it's 3D logos on the train fronts, we lost ours decades ago. Such a shame about Great America... makes me more grateful for ours and that we have many of our classics such as 2 flumes, a Whizzer. I know CF runs the park so well, I wonder what the public will say.
  23. Hopefully Railblazer will go to Knott’s. Rip out Coaster Rider and there you go!! If that’s not enough room then rip out the two flat rides as well. I was never a fan of those replacements for Perilous Plunge. This will right the wrong!!!
  24. Lucky, lucky me, several days ago! The underlined 4, was the only number I matched on the nightly draw.
  25. Overlooking the obvious. carrousel to sf stlouis to hold them over until they finish their refurb.
  26. It is always sad news to here of a park closing. On the bright side for me personally, we are making our first California trip next year from the east coast. While it was only supposed to be LA and San Diego, obviously CGA is going to need to be worked in before it abruptly closes without notice after one of these next 11 years.
  27. ^ I think what he meant was the park could close without notice/warning for good, like Six Flags did with Kentucky Kingdom.
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