Photo TR: A Brit Crew Christmas in London

NOT Madrid!
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Photo TR: A Brit Crew Christmas in London

Postby Divv3k » Thu Dec 09, 2010 4:08 pm

This past weekend the Brit Crew had a fantastic weekend in Madrid planned out: flights were booked, hotels were booked, plans to visit Parque Warner and that other parque with the long name were in place. It was the recipe for a LOT of fun. Step in the Spanish Air Traffic Controllers, or more accurately I should say "step OUT" controllers as that's exactly what they did twelve hours before our flight was due to leave! And by "our" flight I mean everyone but Anth's. Fortunately for Anth the flight he booked himself onto left as scheduled. Unfortunately for Anth he was not on it because he thought he had booked himself onto the same flight as the rest of us.

So the strike caused our flight to be cancelled, there would be no Madrid for the Brit Crew this year. But the Brit Crew aren't going to let a cancelled flight ruin all our fun so we quickly put together a new plan to spend the day in London and check out some of the fun stuff going on there.

The big thing that we wanted to check out was Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park, I saw photos from this fair last year and just knew we'd have a lot of fun there. It's basically a German Christmas Market infused with a load of German fair rides. It was really busy since it was a Saturday night but lines weren't long and there was a great atmosphere. It was nice to go to a fair which was filled with families instead of obnoxious teenagers. I definitely recommend this fair to other Brits who haven't been!

Before hitting up the fair we visited a few other London attractions including a haunted maze and a West End show. All in all we had a great day despite not making it to Spain. We just might have to wait til next Christmastime to do that Madrid trip!

Here's the photos...
Where in the world are the Brit Crew? Not in Madrid, that's for sure!
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Mike does a great Japanese impression on the Tube.
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The hotties were out in force serving hot chocolate at South Bank.
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Dave and Amy are both huge Christmas Market enthusiasts. Apparently they hooked up due to their mutual Christmas Market love.
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Mike likes his food uncomplicated and as a result will only EAT at EAT.
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Anth decided it was totally worth missing his flight to Madrid once he got this free hug from a random chick with herpes.
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Not to be outdone, Mike gets in on the "free stuff from weird strangers"act by receving his first Christmas card of the year from some random dude.
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It could well be Mike's first Christmas card ever.
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The only thing that make this photo more perfect is Piers.
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It's all wax, or so you may have Scottish Steve believe...
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I'm not quitre sure what this chick was up to but it freaked me out!
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Speaking of getting freaked out... We stumbled upon the Death Trap, which is a walkthrough near the London Aquarium. Being the haunt fans that we are we couldn't pass this up!
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Hands on the wall for the pre-walkthrough cavity search!
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The Death Trap was fun. A bit short but what was there was good, it had a few Alien Wars style interactive moments which are good in my book.
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Next up we took in a matinee of the Yo Gabba Gabba inspired musical, Chicago!
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The Brit Crew gives fourteen Jazz Hands up to the two hours of pure smut that makes up Chicago!
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Moving on to some park related stuff, it's Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park and OMG, Southern Steve is here!
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The fair was crazy busy but thankfully it was mostly families and not annoying teenagers like at the Goose Fair.
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Unlike the usual spinning mouse you tend to find at British Fairs, Hyde Park actually had an interesting enclosed coaster.
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We may not have made it to Madrid but we're getting some credits, damn it!
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Continuing the theme of interesting travelling coasters we encountered this inverted contraption next.
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This isn't just any inverted contraption though, it's an inverted wild mouse!
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In my view the inverted wild mouse was way better than pretty much every standard wild mouse out there!
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Enough with the coasters, this fair is German inspired which means that it's beer time!
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Mike was majorly excited to have encountered the father of Finland's favourite talking tree, Peena Puu!
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Almost every ride in the fair had some kind of "Christmas twist" to it. Very cool!
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Avert your eyes Scottish Steve, we're about to take on the inverted ghost train!
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Playing the role of Scottish Steve whilst we ride the Ghost Train is Russ!
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This is the exact face that Anth made when he realised he booked himself on the wrong flight.
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The inverted ghost train is perfect for all the family. Especially the father and son combo of Steve and Brad.
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The evil skeleton wall will eat the crap out of you!
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Is that animatronic dude blaming Mike? And by "blaming Mike" I do mean self-pleasuring.
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This ghost train was five pumpkins of fun!
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Say hello to the fair's kiddie coaster - the Wacky Reindeer!
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Yup, we're festive credit whores!
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Another of the Christmas themed rides, the "spinning snowflake".
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Brad and Steve ate the crap out of the Spinning Snowflake.
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This fun house looked very much Dave Thomas friendly.
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These fools thought it would be a good idea to try out the Winter Waltzer.
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When he's not missing flights Anth makes a great hands free bag bitch.
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These guys look way too alive here. It's clearly the "before" photo.
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Okay, enough of the rides, this is a German fair so let's get some awesome food!
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Any opportunity to get currywurst in the UK must be seized with both hands! It was awesome!
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No point holding onto you boarding pass now Anth. You're two days too late!
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Seeing as we couldn't get to Madrid to stay in the hotel that we'd booked for this night we were forced to really scrape the bottom of the barrel in finding someone who had room at their inn...
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Scottish Steve too! Steve and Dave would have joined us at the fair but they had a very important gig to go to at the O2 Arena... Or was it at Wembley? Don't ask Scottish Steve which one!
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TPHouse features some of the latest and most innovative technology when it comes to communication.
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In all seriousness, thanks to TPDave for giving us a place to stay.

A lot of people would jusat give up and mope around if their tripped got messed up by a strike but props to all the Brit Crew everyone made the most of this day and we had a LOT of fun!

(I also randomly bumped into Robin at Victoria Station the next morning which I should have definitely documented photographically. Sorry Robin, it was good to see you for those few minutes though!)

We'll make it to Madrid next year I'm sure, Anth might still try for this year though.

Thanks for reading everyone!
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Re: Photo TR: A Brit Crew Christmas in London

Postby Cameron » Thu Dec 09, 2010 4:21 pm

Awesome report! Looks like a huge amount of fun, and that inverted mouse seems interesting.

Miss you guys!


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Re: Photo TR: A Brit Crew Christmas in London

Postby antmcmullen » Thu Dec 09, 2010 4:47 pm

You met TPDave? omg. And he has a funky phone!...

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Re: Photo TR: A Brit Crew Christmas in London

Postby SharkTums » Thu Dec 09, 2010 5:12 pm

I'm so glad you guys made the most out of the fudging Spanish losers walking off the job! When I saw the strike on TV I was so bummed out for you guys. I swear that the French and Spanish have a competition going as to which nationality can piss everyone off more by disrupting travel!

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Re: Photo TR: A Brit Crew Christmas in London

Postby ginzo » Thu Dec 09, 2010 7:41 pm

^Yeah, I feel so sorry for them as well. How can they afford to even eat on only 200,000 euros per year?
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Postby Nrthwnd » Thu Dec 09, 2010 7:58 pm

Spinning Snowflake...


Like the rock-o-plane...only sideways!


Great report Divv. Everything looks so much nicer at night with their lights on, etc. Even if they didn't "theme" it to the season, lol.

Food looked pretty good, too.

By the way - A Merry Happy __________ to you all in the Brit Crew!

Enjoy the Holly-DAZE!
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Re: Photo TR: A Brit Crew Christmas in London

Postby chadster » Thu Dec 09, 2010 8:02 pm

Thanks guys! While I'm sure you'd rather been in Madrid, Hyde looked fun, many kudos for making up for it!

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Re: Photo TR: A Brit Crew Christmas in London

Postby robinschroder » Fri Dec 10, 2010 2:21 am

Whilst not Madrid, it certainly looks like you made the best of things in London. A funny coincidence bumping into you at Victoria on Sunday on my way in to work, Divv! And good to see Anth for a short while later that day too!

Winter Wonderland definitely has a nice German fair atmosphere!

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Re: Photo TR: A Brit Crew Christmas in London

Postby BeemerBoy » Fri Dec 10, 2010 8:23 am

Loved the random Christmas card from a stranger! Cool report, Divv.
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Re: Photo TR: A Brit Crew Christmas in London

Postby LoopLover » Fri Dec 10, 2010 9:05 am

Love to see stuff from Britain! I can't find any members in Scotland!!!


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