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Which of the following adult/family flat rides do many theme/amusement parks have that SFOT doesn't have?

Poll ended at Sun Oct 10, 2010 7:03 pm

Drop Tower
Swinging Ship
Ferris Wheel
Did you say Six Flags has flat rides? You MUST be kidding.
Total votes : 48

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Photo TR: Six Flags o Texas

Postby chadster » Sun Sep 26, 2010 8:10 pm

So today I made my way back to SFOT. The day started out cloudy, cold, and crappy, good for me. The park started off empty, got a regular flash pass for $26 which made for unlimited re-rides, wait time less than 1 minute even with regular line wait times of 15 to 20 minutes, sweet!! I did see a few of the gravy buffet making their way up the exit ramp of Batman, suppose their ERT got rained out as Saturday rained off and on all day.

Be sure to cast your answer in the quiz, the answer can be found somewhere in my report ;)
SFOT 9.26.10 001.JPG
Welcome to the parking lot at SFOT. Here, we have this Intamin contraption, and just prior to park opening, it's not testing...
SFOT 9.26.10 002.JPG
and here we have Titan, still looking good after it's off season paint job
SFOT 9.26.10 003.JPG
hmmmm, i wonder which one I would choose, duh!!!
SFOT 9.26.10 004.JPG
Noted!! fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo are a must at these rides!
SFOT 9.26.10 005.JPG
Ok, enough screwing around on the outside, time to get to the good stuff
SFOT 9.26.10 006.JPG
first stop, the entrance water feature, then a sharp left to the flash pass pick up area, $26 with discount, perfect on days like today. The pass allowed me to ride over and over, no waiting, not even one train, instant on on ALL rides, yes!
SFOT 9.26.10 007.JPG
WBAT is broadcasting on HD radio
SFOT 9.26.10 008.JPG
walking through spain and past the dancing hat. The sombraro has a really weak ride program, not worth the wait or the 60 second ride, moving on.
SFOT 9.26.10 009.JPG
Titan please.
SFOT 9.26.10 010.JPG
68 degrees, and cloudy, but if you forgot to take a shower, here you go.
SFOT 9.26.10 011.JPG
Mrs. Fields is waiting on you
SFOT 9.26.10 013.JPG
i don't want to go to any of those
SFOT 9.26.10 014.JPG
wonder if that's open, we'll find out in a bit
SFOT 9.26.10 015.JPG
Titan please, moving on.
SFOT 9.26.10 016.JPG
and a classic TG pic
SFOT 9.26.10 018.JPG
nerd shot
SFOT 9.26.10 029.JPG
lift hill, storage tracks still have old rails, but the tfer track is in place, looked for the trains, but only found the old red and blue trains rotting beside Titan (could only see from Titan), sad, they aren't even covered up.
SFOT 9.26.10 020.JPG
enough of the giant for now, on to Titan, and my instant re-rides!
SFOT 9.26.10 022.JPG
2 trains today #1 is resting.
SFOT 9.26.10 024.JPG
SFOT 9.26.10 025.JPG
look!!! wheel wetters!!! Titan was running the best it has all year IMO
SFOT 9.26.10 032.JPG
my QBOT was having issues, not to worry, instantly fixed by the flash pass peeps, apparently they had several acting a fool today, I just showed it at the line and they let me on until I was able to get a replacement
SFOT 9.26.10 033.JPG
looney toons, passing today
SFOT 9.26.10 034.JPG
wants some candy little boy?
SFOT 9.26.10 035.JPG
apparently wrapping the trains and stairs aren't good enough, now we are wrapping the walkways
SFOT 9.26.10 037.JPG
water rides opened today at noon, smart move on their part.
SFOT 9.26.10 038.JPG
pocket rocket
SFOT 9.26.10 041.JPG
aquaman says....
SFOT 9.26.10 101.JPG
not an accepetable amount of wetness
SFOT 9.26.10 042.JPG
so on my way to 8 rides on Batman, we stopped off at Tony Hawk
SFOT 9.26.10 049.JPG
SFOT 9.26.10 048.JPG
and spinning
SFOT 9.26.10 099.JPG
and finally, spinning
SFOT 9.26.10 100.JPG
what does 26 dollars get you, past all this in less than 1 minute.
SFOT 9.26.10 047.JPG
chuteout was closed
SFOT 9.26.10 050.JPG
SFOT 9.26.10 051.JPG
i must be hungry
SFOT 9.26.10 045.JPG
depending on which way you swing, could be better than the glory hole
SFOT 9.26.10 046.JPG
speaking of swings
SFOT 9.26.10 053.JPG
and then we have this flat ride, and behind it, the boomer thats closed for the season, I'm heart broken, seriously, I cried a bit
SFOT 9.26.10 055.JPG
time to make our way into gotham city
SFOT 9.26.10 056.JPG
yeah!!! B&M goodness
SFOT 9.26.10 057.JPG
as soon as I find my way to the FP entrance, I will be on that ^
SFOT 9.26.10 058.JPG
so off we go on our journey to the FP entrance
SFOT 9.26.10 059.JPG
noted! your crap may be missing after two hours, your dollar only goes so far these days!
SFOT 9.26.10 060.JPG
this way to batman
SFOT 9.26.10 062.JPG
on the way in we see Mr Freeze
SFOT 9.26.10 063.JPG
and there is Mr. Feeze
SFOT 9.26.10 064.JPG
moving on
SFOT 9.26.10 066.JPG
still moving
SFOT 9.26.10 067.JPG
crap under batman, still moving, and getting tired.
SFOT 9.26.10 068.JPG
moving some more
SFOT 9.26.10 069.JPG
more moving
SFOT 9.26.10 070.JPG
the bat mobile is on the left covered by the grey tarp
SFOT 9.26.10 078.JPG
whewwww, finally made it!! 8 rides, running very well! Hope they keep it open during the Holidays this year.
SFOT 9.26.10 071.JPG
after me bot was scanned, I signed up for Mr Feeze, one minute wait, only one side running before noon
SFOT 9.26.10 074.JPG
Mr. Freeze says...
SFOT 9.26.10 075.JPG
see ya
SFOT 9.26.10 077.JPG
SFOT 9.26.10 084.JPG
if you chose answer 1 you are wrong, S&S drop tower, running both up and down shots today, ride op said they just turned the down shot back on recently. (Its turned off due to over heating)
SFOT 9.26.10 085.JPG
SFOT 9.26.10 082.JPG
average banana with pubes
SFOT 9.26.10 083.JPG
well endowed banana with pubes
SFOT 9.26.10 094.JPG
say it isn't so, they are wrapping the derek!
SFOT 9.26.10 095.JPG
of course
SFOT 9.26.10 090.JPG
shockwave only running one train
SFOT 9.26.10 093.JPG
and it's not on the FP
SFOT 9.26.10 091.JPG
so with this line, I skipped it, still a good ride tho, just not worth a 30 minute wait
SFOT 9.26.10 096.JPG
SFOT 9.26.10 097.JPG
SFOT 9.26.10 098.JPG
they got my hopes up and then bang. It was even listed on the FP as closed, but it's "available today"
SFOT 9.26.10 102.JPG
i like that shot
SFOT 9.26.10 108.JPG
if you chose answer # 2, your wrong.
SFOT 9.26.10 109.JPG
yes please, the intamin thingy is open
SFOT 9.26.10 110.JPG
roughness today, but didn't wait at all, got right in the next pod
SFOT 9.26.10 106.JPG
SFOT 9.26.10 111.JPG
a little bit of Spain in Texas
SFOT 9.26.10 112.JPG
is this SF's equiv of the unemployment office?
SFOT 9.26.10 113.JPG
wow, they are still calling this a wooden coaster
SFOT 9.26.10 114.JPG
ride up time lap counter on the right and count down to launch clock on the left, considering this was my second visit to this area of the park today, that's not a good sign.
SFOT 9.26.10 115.JPG
more wheel wetters!!! (i know, its a little hard to see but its those grey bars on either side of where the train is coming in) I305 isn't so different afterall!
SFOT 9.26.10 116.JPG
so as we leave we have a treat
SFOT 9.26.10 117.JPG
SFOT 9.26.10 118.JPG
don't know if that's all of what's left to be put in or not , but it could be dependant on where the rest of it might be sitting
SFOT 9.26.10 119.JPG
ok, so here is a picture of Titan coming down the hill.

So I know you are dying to know what the correct answer is, and while it could be #4, it's #3. SFOT has no Ferris Wheel.
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Re: Photo TR: Six Flags o Texas

Postby larrygator » Sun Sep 26, 2010 8:24 pm

Good to know that Six Flags new management did not learn from old management regarding Season Pass pricing.
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Re: Photo TR: Six Flags o Texas

Postby CD » Sun Sep 26, 2010 8:37 pm

I'm having a hard time trying to figure out why the play pass would be appealing to anyone? Do you have to buy 4 or more season passes to get the $59 price as well as the free parking? That's pretty lame if you do...
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Re: Photo TR: Six Flags o Texas

Postby chadster » Sun Sep 26, 2010 8:39 pm

^ you can buy one for 59.00, or, if you are "out of area" you can buy for 54.00 (depending on your zip code) To get the free parking tho, you have to buy 4.

**EDIT** I was mistaken, you must by four to get that price, 54.00 is still offered for out of area

$54.99 Play Pass
Season Passes
$59.99 each when you buy 4
$69.99 Individual Pass
$99.99 Combo Pass

in other words, this time last year the passes were 49.00 for play, 59 for season passes, no min qty required for the 59.00 pricing, this year, they rasied the cost of the play pass 5.00 and the SP by 10.00, but here's the best part, as a funatics member and visitng SF's at least 5 times, you get a 20% discount, do the math.
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Re: Photo TR: Six Flags o Texas

Postby chadster » Sun Sep 26, 2010 8:41 pm

larrygator wrote:Good to know that Six Flags new management did not learn from old management regarding Season Pass pricing.

isn't that the truth.

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Re: Photo TR: Six Flags o Texas

Postby RandallDuell » Mon Sep 27, 2010 10:46 am

I'm unclear, did you buy and use a flashpass?

SFOT looks like a nice park, although nothing can quite compare (at least visually) with it's sister park in San Antonio. Incredibly scenic place!

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Re: Photo TR: Six Flags o Texas

Postby CoasterPete » Mon Sep 27, 2010 3:42 pm

Can anyone enlighten me on what the wheel wetters are and they're purpose on Titan? I've never seen or heard of these before. Thanks!


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Re: Photo TR: Six Flags o Texas

Postby chadster » Mon Sep 27, 2010 4:45 pm

@ Randall - Yes, I paid 26 bucks for the flashpass, while it probably wasn't needed, since I only planned on staying a few hours, it was well worth it for the near automatic re-rides

@Pete - word on the street is that watering down the wheels after a run helps to cool them off to prevent failures. Basically in this case, the train hits a sensor on the break run which triggers a valve that turns on the misters until the train passes. It gets pretty darn hot in Texas, combine that with the heat the wheels will generate by normal friction/operation and you have a reciepe for de-lamination, cracking, etc., prematurely ending their life. I305 uses them as well for similar reasons. Its my understanding that the wheels got extremely hot after it's high speed intense runs and they were replacing them quite often, cooling them down after a run helped to curtail the issue.

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Re: Photo TR: Six Flags o Texas

Postby samisthabomb » Mon Sep 27, 2010 9:31 pm

Actually, Six Flags Over Texas DOES have a Ferris Wheel. A tiny one at that, but it counts.
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Re: Photo TR: Six Flags o Texas

Postby chadster » Tue Sep 28, 2010 9:19 am

I'm sorry but kiddie rides don't count in my book, maybe something you can still ride tho ;)


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