Least Favourite TV Ads

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Postby Millenniumguy » Sun Apr 03, 2005 8:44 am

I Can't stand Verizon's egotistic-selfcentered commercials. I mean instead of telling us how well you do stuff, actually tell us why we need it!

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Postby coasterdude5 » Sun Apr 03, 2005 10:55 am

The Cellular South commercial. IUt has freaky music and the most random things going on like a frog, a snake, and a huge inflatable dog. Its so stupid.

The Hong Kong commercial. It could basically be a movie it is so long. It makes no sense either. Its long and boring.

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Postby SharkTums » Sun Apr 03, 2005 12:04 pm

crispy wrote:the new AOL high speen commercial set in a cafeteria, where one dolt is explaining to another dolt why he needs aol high speed protection. SO he covers his sandwich, and throws crap all over the other guys

Nooo!!! I love the long version of that commercial where the guy goes "SPAMITY CALAMITY!!!!"

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Postby squirmy_wormy » Mon Apr 04, 2005 8:18 pm

I hate the one that advertises Charmin toilet paper; I mean who cares about a bunch of bears doing their duty and then demonstrating how wonderful the toilet paper is??!! :roll:

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Postby maliboomer » Mon Apr 04, 2005 8:53 pm

^Charmin owns!
I guess I'm just a bear pervert.

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Postby Xcelerated Dan » Tue Apr 05, 2005 10:40 am

I think its a DQ commercial where the dad tells his kid he can get a new frozen drink if he can make a basket. The kid shoots like 50 times and misses, then the dad takes the basket down and puts it right in front of the kid. Then the kid chucks it right at the guys face...what a retard...it pisses me off everytime I see it

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Postby memphish » Tue Apr 05, 2005 2:23 pm

Capital One commercials. I say NO everytime you send me an application simply because of those commercials.
Every commerical that has used a popular song from the past (cingular, chevrolet, mitsubishi come to mind).

And everything said above.

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Postby FlyingScooter » Wed Apr 06, 2005 6:49 am

i HATE Enzyte commercials. That smile is the most infuriating thing in the world.
Another one is Levitra commercials. The guy seems like a zombie...
she wiggles her finger and he sort of shambles over to her...

In the good category: gotta love the 50 yr old Bowflex lady.

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Postby Real » Wed Apr 06, 2005 6:54 am

SharkTums wrote:...wonderin what clothes to wear....wonderin what clothes to wear...wondering what clo- HON!

Elissa "I think it's an SBC Commercial but I usually change the channel by the end of it!" Alvey

Haha! That ones hilarious. Its just how she pops in and hes inconspicuously repeating the eric clapton song while shes trying on 50 dresses.

Gotta say the Pepto one sucks. Lately I havent watched much tv but I remember there were quite a few that really were annoying.

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Postby spike » Sat Apr 09, 2005 9:27 pm

"My wrist's are on fire"- " have you tried this?- extra strength asprine"

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