Jon's 2012 Coaster Season - WI State Fair

Pg 13. Two rides' US debuts!
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Re: Jon's 2012 Coaster Season - St. Louis

Postby deathbydinn » Tue Apr 24, 2012 2:07 pm

This past weekend I had the opportunity to trek down to Saint Louis with fellow TPR members Nathan (kumba830), Griffin (GriffyTiffy) Jo (Jojo19799) and Cameron (Cameron). While the main point of the trip was Six Flags Saint Louis, downtown Saint Louis also offers one exceptionally awesome attraction, the City Museum, and that's what this post is about. The best way to describe it is pure insanity with some pain mixed in. I don't even want to call it a museum, as it's really more of a giant indoor playground of death. It is not something you want to miss if you're in the area. Since it was my first time to St. Louis and I had time to spare, I also visited the Arch and City Garden, and both are things I would recommend a visit to. Plus, besides parking both can be free to visit!
A few pictures for the artsy-fartsy people
Simply put, City Garden is a garden with a bunch of big sculptures.
20120420_135822 (Copy).jpg
Some are even animated
20120420_140142 (Copy).jpg
Others were kinda odd.
20120420_140500 (Copy).jpg
20120420_140547 (Copy).jpg
There was a lot of water in the park for hotter days. In the top left corner you can see a waterfall behind a tree which goes into a small pool kids can play in.
20120420_140835 (Copy).jpg
Even Pinocchio made an appearance.
20120420_143350 (Copy).jpg
Onward to the icon of St. Louis, the Arch.
20120420_144328 (Copy).jpg
The Arch had a pretty cool free museum underground about westward expansion.
20120420_144440 (Copy).jpg
And they didn't cover up that we were pretty shady when getting land from the Native Americans!
20120420_144922 (Copy).jpg
They had some cool scenes set up as well.
20120420_141529 (Copy).jpg
We passed this on the way to City Museum. Frightening.
20120420_213450 (Copy).jpg
I failed to get a picture of the entrance, so he's the ticket booth.
20120420_161505 (Copy).jpg
We made our way to the "skate" park first.
20120420_161525 (Copy).jpg
Yeah, it was insane.
20120420_161304 (Copy).jpg
20120420_161729 (Copy).jpg
The skate park is also home to the worlds largest pencil.
20120420_212451 (Copy).jpg
And this tiny, tiny tunnel.
20120420_212439 (Copy).jpg
It reminded me a lot of those crazy looking playgrounds in Europe.
20120420_162733 (Copy).jpg
The train went through this space tunnel. Unfortantly we were all too tall for it.
20120420_162832 (Copy).jpg
20120420_163157 (Copy).jpg
20120420_163232 (Copy).jpg
20120420_163428 (Copy).jpg
The Rube Goldberg wasn't turned on, but this small section of it was working. Very cool and fun to watch.
20120420_163718 (Copy).jpg
20120420_221116 (Copy).jpg
Not sure why this came out so dark, but the whale holds one of the entrances to the caves. And the best thing inside the caves...
20120420_171047 (Copy).jpg
20120420_171529 (Copy).jpg
Ok, it was actually the ten story shoe slide.
20120420_165716 (Copy).jpg
From the top.
20120420_213434 (Copy).jpg
Slides play a large role in the museum. This one takes you to the main lobby.
20120420_203223 (Copy).jpg
This one, despite it's small size, is probably the best. It's insane.
20120420_204820 (Copy).jpg
You can kinda see how crazy steep it is.
CIMG3667 (Copy).JPG
20120420_204014 (Copy).jpg
A dinosaur flying underwater next to a whale. Why not?
20120420_174526 (Copy).jpg
The roof wasn't open, but the other outdoor section was. I hate heights, so this was one of the most terrifying experiences in my life.
20120420_174531 (Copy).jpg
It was all a good distance from the ground, and you had to get around climbing in, over and under all sorts of weird things.
20120420_174926 (Copy).jpg
There were some nice relaxing spots for those who don't want to reach it's full potential of insanity.
20120420_175305 (Copy).jpg
Lots of slides outside as well.
20120420_175309 (Copy).jpg
CIMG3675 (Copy).JPG
There was even a huge adult sized ball pit.
20120420_173909 (Copy).jpg
It was amazing!
20120420_173919 (Copy).jpg
20120420_174047 (Copy).jpg
And to finish off this section, here's Jo being buried under balls. Thanks for reading, Six Flags St. Louis pics coming soon!

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Re: Jon's 2012 Coaster Season - Saint Louis City Museum

Postby CoasterKings908 » Tue Apr 24, 2012 2:24 pm

Sound like you had a blast. Can't wait for more!
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Re: Jon's 2012 Coaster Season - Saint Louis City Museum

Postby galindoverhere » Tue Apr 24, 2012 4:02 pm

Awesome Trip Report! I have to visit St. Louis soon so I can visit this place... I can't wait for the SFStL Photo TR! =)
- Chris G.

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Re: Jon's 2012 Coaster Season - Saint Louis City Museum

Postby traincrossin » Wed Apr 25, 2012 11:04 am

City Museum, awesome place, what else can I say. I need to head over there next time i'm in St. Louis! And the place is just insanely cool. They just found a new tunnel today, one they hadn't even known about before. Sweet pics!
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Re: Jon's 2012 Coaster Season - Saint Louis City Museum

Postby GriffyTiffy » Thu Apr 26, 2012 4:57 pm

Great photos!

They make me miss the City Museum that much more :P Hard to believe it has already been a week! Can't wait for your SFSTL report!


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Re: Six Flags Saint Louis Photo TR

Postby deathbydinn » Mon May 07, 2012 12:40 pm

The day after the City Museum, we headed over to Six Flags Saint Louis. Already bruised and sore from the museum, so clearly going to a theme park the next day is the best thing to do. It was my first time to the park and it wasn't exactly what I expected it to be. It wasn't that the park was bad, as it wasn't, I just found parts odd. It is very hilly as well, so spending all day at it definitely gets you a good work out. Operations were fine, park was clean and had a good atmosphere. The rides were all good, however I didn't find any to stick out as particularly amazing. Here's my coaster reviews:

Batman: Riding a mirror image of what I'm used to was fun. We rode in the back and it was very smooth and forceful. The only thing I didn't like was it's queue, it went on for ever! At least they made it look nice with the garden, short tunnel, and falling road section.

Ninja: I've heard this ride get a lot of crap. Personally, I thought it was great. It was a little jerky for some transitions, but overall I thought it was pretty smooth with an awesome head chopper.

Screaming Eagle: Hidden in the woods, this classic coaster provided a good ride. Only the slightest bit of airtime, but it ran smooth and has a great location.

River King Mine Train: This was my first Arrow mine train and it was pretty...weird. It was a little short and also mostly hidden from the most of the park, but it's weird track bends and terrain interaction made it enjoyable.

Pandemonium: I had ridden it's clone at MOA before and that ran a little rougher than Pandy. It was decent, but we only span for the first part of the ride. It was cool how you could see the whole thing from the queue though.

American Thunder: This ride has some of the most comfortable trains I've ever sat in. It packed a good punch in it's small size and was very, very smooth. Really makes me excited to ride more twisty GCIs.

Boss: On the contrary, this ride had some of the worst trains I've ever sat in. Besides being butt-ugly, it was hard to find a comfortable position in them. The ride itself was great and just looks massive, but I feel the coaster could perform better. A little more track work and some new trains and I could definitely see myself enjoying it more than I did.

Onto the pics!
Entrance (Copy).jpg
Wouldn't be a Six Flags park without six flags in front.
20120421_192215 (Copy).jpg
The entrance did look quite nice.
20120421_192228 (Copy).jpg
Hurricane Harbor's entrance is conveniently placed at the entrance of the park.
StudioBacklot (Copy).jpg
Despite having area names, I didn't find the themes too evident. At least they all looked nice.
Batman4 (Copy).jpg
Batman's station looked great!
Batman6 (Copy).jpg
Random sewer? Why not!
Batman7 (Copy).jpg
This falling road roof was pretty cool.
Batman5 (Copy).jpg
I love when ride queues go directly under the track as Batmans did.
Batman9 (Copy).jpg
The exit goes close to it as well.
Batman8 (Copy).jpg
20120421_113148 (Copy).jpg
Odd theme for a swinging ship.
Ninjasign (Copy).jpg
Ninja! <3
Ninja1 (Copy).jpg
Seriously, it was great.
20120421_134630 (Copy).jpg
20120421_134544 (Copy).jpg
One of the gift shops in the area.
Skyline1 (Copy).jpg
20120421_114518 (Copy).jpg
River King is a fun ride, but very hard to photograph.
riverking2 (Copy).jpg
This little stretch by Ninja was pretty much all I could see of it without being on a ride.
CIMG3676 (Copy).JPG
Oh god.
20120421_183453 (Copy).jpg
Those tiny..
20120421_123030 (Copy).jpg
and the tower isn't exactly short.
20120421_150732 (Copy).jpg
In all seriousness, I loved it. I was terrified getting on, but it ended up being a total blast. The program was kind of odd though. It went up to the top of the tower, spun around, went back down..
20120421_150719 (Copy).jpg
...and then went up again but only to around this height. I don't know if thats a normal star flyer program or not, but I would have preferred it just stayed at the top longer like Windseekers.
20120421_123056 (Copy).jpg
Didn't ride these, no big loss.
20120421_123111 (Copy).jpg
20120421_123130 (Copy).jpg
This I actually did want to ride.
20120421_122934 (Copy).jpg
Unfortantly, when we got in line it decided it didn't want to move, so we left and didn't get back to it later.
20120421_123648 (Copy).jpg
Cool facade though.
20120421_181610 (Copy).jpg
So Screaming Eagle has this big sign and what looks like the beginning of a queue line..
20120421_130110 (Copy).jpg
..but it's entrance is actually up a hill and tucked behind some games. Would be very easy to miss.
20120421_132409 (Copy).jpg
Fun ride though. I believe the smaller sign used to be on this hill or the one after it.
CIMG3678 (Copy).JPG
20120421_145514 (Copy).jpg
I failed to get a picture of its (awesome) sign, so here is an awkward transition to the Excalibur pictures.
20120421_150158 (Copy).jpg
The ride started kinda like an enterprise.
20120421_150208 (Copy).jpg
But it just kept going.
20120421_150222 (Copy).jpg
And going. It was one of the weirdest rides I've ever been on but it was so much fun at the same time.
20120421_145801 (Copy).jpg
Pandemonium is situated right next to Excalibur.
20120421_153146 (Copy).jpg
20120421_153314 (Copy).jpg
The queue gives some great views of the whole layout.
20120421_153919 (Copy).jpg
Despite being a clone, I thought they did a good job making it fit the area.
20120421_181350 (Copy).jpg
20120421_153131 (Copy).jpg
20120421_153531 (Copy).jpg
20120421_154605 (Copy).jpg
20120421_154622 (Copy).jpg
Kinda cool how some of the cars have details on the top.
20120421_154800 (Copy).jpg
Very boss indeed.
20120421_132321 (Copy).jpg
Peaking over the skyline.
20120421_173317 (Copy).jpg
Lift hill and M&M ads on the station.
20120421_173244 (Copy).jpg
Once again, this a ride without a whole lot of paths by it.
20120421_174059 (Copy).jpg
20120421_174845 (Copy).jpg
Lot of crap on it's station roof.
20120421_174819 (Copy).jpg
20120421_174205 (Copy).jpg
The park did have some pretty awesome signs.
20120421_163538 (Copy).jpg
Such as this.
20120421_163859 (Copy).jpg
I can't help but be reminded of infomercials when I hear it's name. Shazam fits with in there with Shamwow and Shammy.
20120421_172350 (Copy).jpg
<3 <3 <3
20120421_170214 (Copy).jpg
20120421_170358 (Copy).jpg
20120421_172306 (Copy).jpg
There's a train in there somewhere.
20120421_172122 (Copy).jpg
So twisty.
20120421_170817 (Copy).jpg
20120421_171639 (Copy).jpg
No idea who they are. Just wanted the front of the train.
20120421_170901 (Copy).jpg
Lifthill to heaven.
20120421_160752 (Copy).jpg
Boat ride to hell.
20120421_160317 (Copy).jpg
Ok not exactly. But there where ghosts, so close enough.
20120421_160956 (Copy).jpg
Scooby Scooby Doo, where are you?
20120421_161346 (Copy).jpg
Blah. It was mocking us from the line.
20120421_130010 (Copy).jpg
At least there was still one vertical drop open in the park.
20120421_123422 (Copy).jpg
S:TOP was so much fun. Not knowing when the drop was coming really added to the scare.
20120421_122019 (Copy).jpg
It took me a while to figure out that when the train is at the station it goes very close to the path and wasn't waiting for people to stop walking in front of it.
20120421_151113 (Copy).jpg
20120421_181559 (Copy).jpg
The park might only have one kids area, but it was really good and integrated with the rest of the park well.
20120421_181420 (Copy).jpg
20120421_134528 (Copy).jpg
Park map..this probably would've made more sense at the beginning.
20120421_191211 (Copy).jpg
And to end out the report here's something thats, well, not exactly right. Thanks for reading!

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Re: Six Flags Saint Louis Photo TR!

Postby TJ27 » Mon May 07, 2012 1:13 pm

Great trip report Jon!!! I really need to check out St. Louis it's one of the only big U.S. cities I haven't visited.

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Re: Six Flags Saint Louis Photo TR!

Postby Jerrykoala2112 » Mon May 07, 2012 1:46 pm

Bummer that you didn't get to ride Mr. Freeze, as that is the best ride at the park, even better than American Thunder. And we share the same opinion on River King Mine Train, it's far from good, but the lovely terrain turns it into a nice ride. I love your Ninja photos :)

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Re: Six Flags Saint Louis Photo TR!

Postby sfgam#1 » Mon May 07, 2012 2:13 pm

Nice Tr jon, I'm glad you enjoyed the park. But I see the guy with the judgment day sign all the time and it freaks me out :|
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Re: Six Flags Saint Louis Photo TR!

Postby galindoverhere » Mon May 07, 2012 4:07 pm

Great Photo TR Jon, I haven't been here since 2010 and I had a fun time, and by the looks of it, you did too! Everything is just as I remembered it even though there are a few changes... anyways cool Trip Report! :)
- Chris G.


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