Come on in and say "Hi".

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Re: Come on in and say "Hi".

Postby fantasticmrmatthew » Sat May 26, 2012 12:04 pm

Hi everybody!
So long story, but I made this account about a year ago after going about the website for a year without making an account, lost the password, and recently found it saved in a browser I never use. (cough Internet Explorer cough) So, I thought I would post here and introduce myself.

I'm Matthew, and I currently live in the barren, coaster-less part of Florida known as the panhandle. I hope this post actually works and comes out the way want it to because unlike the rest of my generation forums are still confusing to me. I obviously love roller coasters and just theme parks in general. Something non coaster nerdy about me is that my favorite tv shows are Doctor Who, 30 Rock, and Community.

So yeah um bye.

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Re: Come on in and say "Hi".

Postby The Lord » Sun May 27, 2012 1:44 am

Hi guys. Im a ride/coaster fan. I have lots of hobbies and am looking for a forum where I can discuss rides and theme parks
Love the TP industry :)

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Re: Come on in and say "Hi".

Postby kelfsu » Sun May 27, 2012 5:15 pm

Hello everyone :)

My name is Kelly and I live in Tampa, Florida. I love theme parks and visit Disney and Universal Orlando often. Just got back today from a trip to the Magic Kingdom so my sister and I could ride Snow White's Scary Adventures one last time before it closes. :mickey:

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Re: Come on in and say "Hi".

Postby ProwlerPrey » Sun May 27, 2012 9:37 pm

Hello everybody!
My name's Jeffrey, long time TPR reader, first time poster. Love this site :)
I'm 18 and I'm a huge coaster fan.
I live near Kansas City, MO, home park is Worlds of Fun

A little bit about me:
Favorite Wood: Prowler (pretty obvious)
Favorite Steel: Millennium Force
I love playing RCT2.
I also enjoy playing sports and video games with my friends.

So yeah, thats me. I'm really glad to finally be part of TPR!

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Re: Come on in and say "Hi".

Postby Ace Of Spades » Sat Jun 02, 2012 7:40 pm

Welcome to TPR everyone!
Ignore the screaming in the woods...

Everything is fine.

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Re: Come on in and say "Hi".

Postby Blue Fire Guy » Sun Jun 03, 2012 6:26 pm

Hello all at TPR! :)

I am yet another one of these "lurkers", spending nearly half a decade following this amazing website and soaking up information about theme parks, roller coasters, coaster companies' reputations among enthusiasts, which coasters are good and which coasters are death machines...well, everything I could possibly take in! Now I think the time has come for me to truly step into the TPR crowd and introduce myself.

(Palms start sweating) :|

My name is Simeon A., 18 from the Silicon Valley, but you can just call me Simeon (an archaeic "Simon", as back in Jeff Johnson's times there was always an E between the M and the O!). Being a resident of the Silicon Valley, my four home parks are: SCBB, CGA, SFDK, and Gilroy Gardens. I am already well into my time of being a complete coaster nut like many of you, what's not to like about them? As long as it isn't painful, I'd give any one a ride! Now it's time to list my favorites...

Favorite Park: Europa Park. Do I really, truly need to explain how AMAZING this place is?! Just look in the park index and find it for more details, it is one of the top ranked parks on the entire list!

Favorite Woodie: Giant Dipper North (SCBB). One of the smoothest, most well maintained woodies on the planet. You get to TAKE THE TUNNEL as soon as the train dispatches, which is awesome in and of itself. In California, where airtime is rather sparse, the back seat of this "smaller coaster that packs a BIG punch" is an absolute butt slammer when it is running fast enough! If you closed your eyes on a particularly good ride and never knew who made this woodie, you'd swear you're on one of CCI's masterpieces. :airtime:

Favorite Steelie: Blue Fire (EP). What does this beauty do? EVERYTHING!!! It has amazing theming, just like the rest of EP. It has some of the most comfortable trains of any coaster, complemented by an impossibly smooth ride. It's got a fairly intense launch whose forces are sustained for the entire straightaway. It is graceful and floaty at some points, and intense at others. There are some really nice head choppers along the way, too. It has extreme ejector air in a place you'd never expect: The heart line roll. It is insane no matter where you sit. On the right side, you get totally ejected, and on the left, you get thrown out in a strange way I can't describe. An awesome ride at an AWESOME park courtesy of the guys at Mack! =)

Now for some important numbers...
Wood: 3
Steel: 23
Water: 1
Total: 27
Parks to visit this summer: SCBB tomorrow! :b (I'll be doing a small off ride photo TR to post to the SCBB discussion thread)
Raging Waters SJ
Vacation to Europe in July: (offride photo TRs here as well)
Europa Park (to ride Wodan of course, with the missing credits being Poseidon, Eurosat, Matterhorn Blitz, and Pegasus)
Erlebnispark Strasswalchen (now Fantasiana), I must prepare for the crazy PAX they call Europe's Cyclops... :airtime:
Wiener Prater

A little more of me: I am also a video game nut, playing games of all genres and times. I am particularly fond of Pokemon, especially the 5th generation with Black and White. My favorite pokemon is Reshiram, whose signature move is called Blue Flare...quite ironic since my favorite coaster is Blue Fire. Oh well, that is still an awesome coincidence. Other games I play include RCT3, where I conjure up random airtime machines by the day that I think California is missing.

Anyways, that's me! I am thrilled to have finally joined the awesomeness that is TPR! :)

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Re: Come on in and say "Hi".

Postby Blue Fire Guy » Sun Jun 03, 2012 6:31 pm

Huh? The smilies were in the preview, but not in my post. Furthermore, my bold/underline of some phrases appeared as bracketed letters...strange, more bizarre to me than Euro Mir!

I guess this place takes some getting used to. For starters, I'll do a test... :airtime:

It worked...but does anyone have an answer as to why my first post looked a little funny? Answers are much appreciated!

Don't let this donkey melt you with its laser eyes!
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Re: Come on in and say "Hi".

Postby Blue Fire Guy » Sun Jun 03, 2012 7:35 pm

Hm! I gave my first post a quick edit and it turned out normal...weird, but at least it's fixed!

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Re: Come on in and say "Hi".

Postby simaticable » Sun Jun 03, 2012 7:55 pm

Welcome to TPR, but for future reference, it might be a good idea not to triple post. I don't really want to see the newcomers banned so quickly.
Schwarzkopf was a genius; anything less makes you a moron. ;)

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Re: Come on in and say "Hi".

Postby portemine » Mon Jun 04, 2012 2:40 am

Hello, fellow roller coaster enthousiasts. I'm a 19-year-old French student in economics living in Paris's suburbs. My name is Philippe-Minh but I use the nickname portemine online !

As for many people here, I discovered TPR through their light-hearted, fun-minded videos of rollercoasters. Actually, I remember I saw years ago a video of the Alveys in a park in Japan with Green Day's American Idiot as the music background - I only realise now how the title of the song is telling about TPR's sense of humour ^^.

I came here to follow in a funnier way the roller coaster news, share my RCT3 creations, and discuss about what we like/love/hate in theme parks and coasters.
Goliath @ Walibi Holland remains my #1. For its airtime and its final turn, of course, and also for this uniquely fun Stengel Dive :lover:

Apart from rides, I fancy literature, Formula 1© , Roberto di Matteo and travelling among others. I love speaking other languages, discovering some new food, new places, and above all, new people. I'd always be glad to welcome a TPR member in France and introduce her/him the few things I know it this country.

See you in the forum !
portem!ne| My Youtube rct3 channel

Intamin :D


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