[RCT2] Tutorial--How to make a Circular River Rapids Station

Third tutorial, as requested by Twitch
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[RCT2] Tutorial--How to make a Circular River Rapids Station

Postby Xtreme97 » Tue Jul 10, 2012 1:44 pm

---Making a Ciruclar Rapids Station---

Welcome to my third tutorial. First of all, sorry I didn't carry on with the tutorials. Secondly, this tutorial was specifically created after a question asked by Twitch in the RCT2 Help Thread.

-This tutorial is pretty basic, but you may need to use other hacks to clean up some of the mess afterwards.
-I'm almost certain works for all versions of Windows, however if you encounter problems, don't hesitate to ask.
-I recommend you use 8cars version 1.302, and a download is provided.
-After you have made the ride, invisible you cannot edit or delete the ride. You must change the track back before you do this.

1) Create a body of water and lower a patch 1 clearance down. If you don't yet have a body of water, lower a patch of ground 1 or more clearances. Don't raise any water yet. Then build a wooden roller coaster track in two circles, one with an opening as shown:

2) One clearance lower than the woody track, build the Rapids track in the space between the two circles. Build the station, without the entrance or exit, two tiles long opposite the opening in the woody track.

3) Open 8cars and select Misc. > Zero all Clearances > Absolute. Go back into the game and build the entrance and exit huts and any paths you want. Glitches in scenery and rides are common, so try and ignore them as best you can. Also, try and avoid using large tile scenery or building ride track through eachother as this can cause white glitches.

4) Now raise the water (excpet around the entrance/exit huts), go into 8cars and select Misc. > Restore Clearances. Go back into the game and change the ride to Testing. Next, go into Rides > Edit Ride Stats, find the rapids ride from the list and change the Track Type to Crooked House.

This should be your end result:

You can utilize other hacks in 8cars and such to make it look cleaner or use invisible footpath.

Thankyou for reading this tutorial, and I hope you have learnt from it :)

EDIT: Make sure you test the ride before changing the track type to crooked house. Otherwise the boats will sink under the water.
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Re: [RCT2] Tutorial--How to make a Circular River Rapids Sta

Postby Twitch » Tue Jul 10, 2012 10:39 pm

Thanks! I don't know why, but I was expecting it to be a bunch of merging. Good to know that it's more simple than I anticipated.
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