Thunder Rock (RCT2)

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Thunder Rock (RCT2)

Postby historyfreak92 » Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:18 pm

Hey TPR! I have something small, & rare to show you! Something that's on a mountain rock top that you all rct1 players might remember!

Thunder Rock from RCT1 Original! Located around Peach Springs Arizona near the Grand Canyon since 1980!

I have never made it to this scenario in RCT1! But I only had the chance to try it in RCT2, & I am proud of how I made it! Coasters go inside & out of each other, & has a lot of gem, & minerals to buy, & look at as an good adventure!

This park has inspirations from Pacific Park (a little) Tibidabo Spain (mostly) & Grona Lund (some)!

Starting at the front entrance we see an B&M Tear Drop Inverted that goes in & around the park as the Quicksilver Express in 2016! Looks Pretty Forceful! The Blue Skyish Intamin AG Coaster is named Quaxlyne a name I made up about a bright crystal in 2018! Very tight intense as I heard! The Zierer Coaster at the bottom corner is named Ruby Cavern from 1987 with red gem themeing as I would love to ride because I love red!

At the corner here at the bottom ground in & out is a Schwarzkopf Family Terrain named Diamond Miner from 1985 as it has Diamond Mining Themes, & a gift shop at the exit ad I wouldn't mind buying diamonds if they wernt so expensive! The Dark Brown Mack Bobsled which goes around the edge of the mountain is named Mountain Rock Sliding from 1992 as the longest bobsled coaster ever built, & the intensive one!

Here you can see a Custom Gravity Group on the cliff as the Cliff Flyer in 2009! Has sharp edged turns, & a unusual Chairlift which looks interesting!

At the back edge cliff there are two coasters that interact with each other! A Arrow Mine Train named Gold Rush from 1982 with good airtime! Has gold mine theming! Especially a Gold Mine Shop at the exit I would love to visit! Above is a Vekoma MK Corkscrew which hangs over the high cliff as the highest Vekoma ever as the Red Dirt Wind from 1988! I would love to ride this it's pretty smooth! Also it starts dropping at the station with only the chainlift at the end of the ride which makes this totally one of it's kind!

At the top of the mountain there are plenty of rides which gives out good experience of viewing all around! One of them is an Gertslaurer Eurofighter as Funky Cactus in 2011 as the tallest, & only highest gertslaurer coaster on a higher point! The orange Morgan is named Sun Spot in 1996 inspired by Pacific Park's West Coaster! I would like a quiet breeze ride!

The light brownish Wild Mouse is an Arrow Made named Psycho Mouse in 2002! A red Suspended Mini Coaster is hidden between these rides as the Mountain Top Flyer by Set Point in 1999!

Thunder Rock.SV6
Here's the file if you want to explore!
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